America. It is time to fight!

Calling all Americans. Especially those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies both domestic and foreign. The time has come when you are being called upon once more to serve your country. The enemy causing the most danger to our Constitutional Republic is domestic. They are right here, among us. They are in every hall of power in every city, town, county, state and federal. They are traitors. They are oath breakers. They are in every town. They are your neighbors. You have seen them. Their leftist stickers on their cars. Their Biden signs in their yards last election. You will recognize them. You will hear their words.

America, it is time to stop this madness. President Obama, oops I meant President Biden, stated today that he wanted to vaccinate 28 million kids aged 5 to 11. Yes, he is planning to do this but promising smaller needles! As soon as the CDC etc. has cleared the drug for these innocent soon to be victims ( a foregone conclusion) the Biden Administration plans on making these vaccinations available at schools and pediatricians and other doctors offices. How convenient. How gracious. How kind and benevolent. NOT!

Do any of you out there doubt at all that the schools and the staff will not pressure these kids into taking the shot regardless to the parents wishes? That they won’t make unvaccinated kids feel like second class citizens? If you do you are crazy. It means you have no idea about the leftist agenda. I know, though, that my readers do not fall into this category!!

Do you realize that children in this age group are more likely to be murdered than die of Covid? I back this statement up with the statistic just out of Chicago that more children in that age group and lower have been killed by gunfire in Chicago this year than have died in the whole of the United States this year of Covid. Read that again. More children have died of gunfire in Chicago than have died of Covid in the whole United States of America. 

Then we are faced with these insane vaccine mandates in a lot of blue cities, counties and states in our beloved constitutional republic.

Tens of thousands of good, hard-working Americans, many first responders, many single parents etc. will face the real possibility of losing their jobs and the benefits that go with them, because of the insistence of these insane leftist leaders who insist that these employees put something into their body, unconstitutionally, that they do not want, doesn’t work as described, doesn’t protect and is truthfully untested. Many of these first responders were supposedly heroes during the whole Covid pandemic, putting themselves in harms way to treat everybody regardless of politics. Now they are being rewarded with the possibility of losing their jobs and everything that goes with them.

Just yesterday the crazy New York governor, leftist and dictatorial style ego driven Kathy Hochul, commenting on the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, used his death to score a political point. She said that although he was extremely sick with the ending stages of cancer, somebody who was unvaccinated had given him Covid and thereby been the final cause of his death.

This statement in itself is absolutely 100% scientifically incorrect. These liberals know what they are saying is wrong. They know they are lying but just do not care. The socialist main stream media will never pick them up or say anything to disprove them. It is well known that even vaccinated people can catch, pass and die from Covid. Heck, they are making up a huge proportion of hospital admittances. These evil, sick, treasonous people worship directly at the altar of Dr. Fauci, the devil and the satanic New World order.

America, the way to help cure this madness is to have mass walkouts. Walkouts and stoppages from every industry especially those with vaccine mandates. These people will need protection from rogue cops and federal officers who either didn’t mean anything when they took their oath and leftist counter protestors.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, you should be on the side of the constitutional rights of everybody in this country to freely choose whether or not they want to put an untested vaccine into their bodies. You should be on the side of all those parents that do not want the children to be vaccinated. The massive majority of those parents are not anti- vaccine, their kids have had all the other normal vaccines, but they know the risk of danger, real and unknown future, to the lives of the children in that age group is much greater from the vaccination than any other issue.

The dishonesty from the left is so in your face. I can remember Kamala Harris saying she could not trust the vaccine because it has been developed under President Trump. As soon as criminal family crime boss Joe Biden became president, the vaccine was just the answer to everything. Even though everything they have told us from the very beginning of this pandemic, from the lockdown would only be a couple weeks to you need a shot, no make that two, whoops no make that three and then one every eight months possibly, to masking and social distancing, they have proven to be unscientific, unproven and wrong. Yet they continue with that incorrect message – deliberately. Trust me, nothing you are seeing is unplanned. Nothing. They want nothing more than a one party state where big government runs and controls your life from cradle to grave.

With the huge advances in China and Russian military and the threats being faced in Iran we cannot afford to lower our guard. We have seen over 1.7 million illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border since Biden stole the election, we have seen Iran flaunting the fact that they are producing and are very close to ending up with nuclear weapons, with Taiwan being threatened by China and our military constantly being diminished in appearance and operational functionality by this Administration, with crime rising exponentially every where Democrats are in charge and with our economy in great risk of collapse due to hyper inflation and a messed up supply chain, we cannot afford these lunatics and extremists to win this battle. Believe me, this battle is the final battle for the survival of our beloved nation.

We need to fight the new program where the banks would first report every incoming or outgoing $600 you have to the IRS, which they now have made $10,000. However, that is $10,000 a year in total. Even poor people putting $500 a month into or through their bank accounts, would be reported to the IRS. They say it is to make the rich more honest in their tax reporting but it is going to affect every single person with a bank account in the United States. It is all about control. Control and power.

It’s time to fight America.

Wokeism is communism. It’s that simple.

It is time to gird your loins and stand up and fight. Fight everything the left is trying to do. Fight CRT, the terrible woke education programs, illegal immigration, the LGBTQUI agenda, mail in voting, vaccine mandates and masking. Fight every dang thing. Fight like your kids lives are on the line because they are.

If we cannot win this battle the next step would be civil war and/or a breakup of the Union.


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