U.S. National Recreation and Park Association Troubled by Word “American”

I love this country. Destroy these vicious haters. Take up the cause of freedom. Lock and load.

British observer Douglas Murray said,

“Anyone who thought the National Parks and Recreation Authority to say ‘look after national parks’ would be surprised to discover, actually, it’s about policing language. Like everything else, they’re obsessed. You look at their website, by the way, they talk entirely about things like equity in the parks. It reminds me of something that happened last year in the UK, where the English countryside was deemed racist in an audit by a left-wing organization. The National Parks Authority clearly think that the parks are somehow racist and need to be attacked.

…the National Parks and Recreation Authority’s guidance here, it’s amazing, isn’t it? We’ve been discussing in recent years things like the disappearance of the term ‘woman,’ ‘mother,’ all sorts of terms like this. Here, we see the disappearance of the term ‘American.’ You’re not to be talked about as an American, you’re a member of a community. This is the end point of the left’s war on absolutely everything. You disappear the sexes and you draw all these racial lines and eventually you disappear the idea of being an American.”

From the story: 

The National Recreation And Park Association’s (NRPA) exhaustive 17-page “Equity Language Guide” for parks and recreation professionals includes meticulous instructions on what words are acceptable or unacceptable in speaking about race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and ability (The Daily Wire).

From the NRPA: Use caution with this word. When we talk about parks and recreation serving communities, we are usually talking about how they serve all people whether or not they are a U.S. citizen. Referring to “residents” or “members” of a community is a more inclusive approach. Likewise, avoid using the term “Americans” generically for a group (because it limits the group to those who have citizenship status as Americans) (NRPA). [Emphasis added]

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  1. Kenneth Phillui
    Kenneth Phillui says:

    Do American taxpayers fund the parks? Then the use of American, Citizens, ladies, gentleman, and so on, is quite proper. Who ever is putting out this crap needs to be told to shut up


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