VIDEO: DeSantis Discusses School Boards

It was great to have Governor Ron DeSantis visit Sarasota to address the 700+ patriots who attended the Sarasota GOP Statesman of the Year dinner this past week.

At the event, Governor DeSantis expressed his commitment to focusing on School Board races in 2022, and then he took a moment to recognize my favorite Conservative School Board Member – Bridget Ziegler – during his speech in response to her efforts to focus on parents & students.

Governor Ron DeSantis: “We can’t elect left-wing people to these School Boards. You need [School Board Members] like Bridget Ziegler. We should have her in every county.

We gotta do a better job on these School Board races. We gotta make sure that the people that are elected are putting the students and the parents first, and that they aren’t buckling to the union or to these other exterior interests. We are going to work hard to make sure we get that done.

And you look at CRT and all this other stuff, and you figure – How could we come to this in our country? Or how are we even at this point? And I think one of the biggest reasons is that we have one of the most corrupt and partisan corporate media establishments anywhere in the world.”

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