VIDEO: Enough is Enough! It’s Time For Us To Resist

There comes a moment in time when Americans, historically, have stood-up and shouted, “Enough!” The colonists did so after a couple of years receiving “mandates” from a vicious King over in England. The King even housed British Troops in the homes of the colonists to maintain control. But mandate after mandate was not sufficient to bring the colonists to their knees and be totally subjected by a tyrant. So the King, tyrant, continued inventing ways to bring the early Americans into compliance, and much like sheep, not question any orders or mandates but simply comply and walk in lock-step to their slaughter. Our American ancestors went only so far, and then they shouted, “Enough!”

Mentioned below is a message by U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) who is shouting, “Enough!” The senator is encouraging Americans to begin doing the same, even more so than what we have begun to witness. There are forces of darkness and pure evil intending to collapse our nation into the New-World Order, a global community without national borders. A New-World Order comprised of a group with staunch Marxist philosophies who view the world as too populated, too independent, too free and with too many choices. Sounds funny at first given how many countries are already dictated by Marxist doctrine. But then look around to once very free nations like, Australia, New Zealand; heck…even Canada, and you will see formerly western oriented countries and governments now compromised and following in lock-step with Marxist doctrine and beliefs of the New-World Order.

Senator Rand Paul is one of the few public servants standing up in accordance with his Oath of Office to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America from ALL enemies foreign and domestic! May you find courage listening to Senator Rand Paul. Then may you begin to act like our Forefathers did!

©Lyle J. Rapacki. Ph.D.

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