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It’s incredibly un-Catholic.


Remember today — especially since it’s All Souls’ Day — to pray for all your loved ones who have died marked with the sign of faith. That’s an important line, extremely important, one you should pay very close attention to Bp. “Reasonable Hope All Men Are Saved” Barron. No, all men are not saved. The Son of God said so.

But that kind of ambiguity, deliberate or otherwise, is the mark of the Church of Nice. “All is good.” “Everyone goes to Heaven.” “Sin is really nothing else than just a bad choice.”

Obfuscation, ambiguity, off-balance, keep ’em guessing: Those are the four marks of the Church of Nice. And that means anything and everything can be permissible. Never out-and-out condemn anything, even child murder because, you know, we should “never be judgmental” (unless, of course, it’s calling faithful Catholics “rigid”; that is okay).

But calling child killers “rigid” in their unswerving orthodoxy to wanton slaughter of the most innocent, that can never be allowed, which is why the secular media and faithful Catholics were in such a state last Friday when Biden dropped in on the pope to pay him a little social visit.

Almost nothing came out of that meeting other than a series of questions and uncertainties. Did the Vatican cancel the live video feed at the last minute because Biden had a “bathroom in his pants” incident as was suggested on social media?

That’s probably unlikely because, according to faithful Catholic and director of Human Events, Jack Posobiec, his sources told him it was because the White House was insisting that Biden say a rehearsed line and the pope respond with a rehearsed line that “all was good” with the pope and the child-killing president about his abortion stance.

Is it true that someone in the Vatican lost their cool when this was being pushed by the White House advance team, and they decided to pull the plug? There’s no official announcement one way or the other from the Vatican.

Also, when Biden was asked a shouted question from a reporter about if he and the pope had discussed abortion, Biden said back, “No, it didn’t. It came up; we just talked about the fact that he was happy I was a good Catholic, and I should keep receiving Communion.”

First, well which is it, Joe? Did it come up, or did it not? Go back and look at the words. Did it come up?“No, it didn’t. It came up.” Huh? That’s about as clear as double-masked, double-vaxxed White House press secretary Peppermint Patty — er — Jen Psaki catching COVID over the weekend.

In addressing the question, was “Brandon” just reverting to the alleged script that was supposed to have happened until the Vatican supposedly pulled the plug on the high-stakes theater? We don’t know. Did the pope say that to him? Well, Biden — even without dementia — has been the consummate liar for his entire life, so it’s easy to see things that way.

On the other hand, the Vatican refuses to respond to questions to clarify if what Biden said is true or not. That is its own very large problem.

What is clear from Friday’s escapades is this: Abortion continues to remain the issue in politics today — as, in truth, it should be. Child sacrifice on the altar of consequence-free sensual pleasure is no small matter. Note that the ostensible reason given for the high-level meeting of the two old men was the upcoming environmental meeting in Scotland.

But none of the media cared about that. All anyone wanted to talk about is the real issue of abortion. Following on the heels of Nancy’s meeting where she dashed off to Mass after she and the pope fawned all over each other, Biden shows up and all attention switches to abortion.

Would the pope put Biden in his place? Would Biden get the blessing of the pope despite the old fool’s ongoing support for child killing? Here is the premier example of everything wrong in the Church today: We don’t know.

With this entire compromised hierarchy, the truth is the last thing they care about. Did Pope “Environmental Crisis” Francis even say anything to Biden about his 85-car motorcade pulling into the Vatican (that’s a lot of carbon footprint even for Joe and his possible “Poopgate” emissions)?

We don’t even know if either man actually believes their own emissions about carbon emissions. Do they seriously believe all that, or are they simply using it, like COVID, to spread fear and then weaponize the fear to increase government power even more?

There is simply too much hidden in the Church these days. In fact, everything is hidden. Even the teachings are hidden. The politics, the finances, the abuse, the cover-ups, the authentic teachings, the homosexual relationships — all of it is hidden under piles of “emissions.”

What we can deduce is this: The truth is glorious on its own; resplendent in awe, in majesty. Anyone — president, pope, hierarchy, politicians — who either actively obscures it or refuses to let it burst forth will have to answer to Him who is Truth.

People, meaning individual souls, should not have to guess at the truth; they should not be kept in a state of “keep ’em guessing.” It’s spiritual criminality.

It will be interesting to watch how the U.S. bishops conduct business in two weeks at their Baltimore meeting. Even there, the truth is obscured. Media are reporting (incorrectly, because they want an abortion/Joe Biden/Holy Communion headline) that the worthless document the bishops are toiling over will have a section where they address Holy Communion being given to pro-abort Catholics.

It won’t. We’ve already been told that by the bishops themselves in charge of the document. Why on earth, after half a century of obscurity and obfuscation, would anyone think that now, at last, the bishops will finally decide to actually obey canon 915?

There’s as much of a chance of that happening as there is discovering the truth about “Poopgate” or what the pope actually told Biden or if Biden just straight up lied or had a senior moment thinking the script he had memorized actually happened.

Good luck with all that.

And touching on Baltimore, for those wondering, the City, in conjunction with the venue, is still throwing up legal hurdles and contract hurdles in hopes of running out the clock. We are now exactly two weeks away and have no definite answer about the rally happening at the pavilion — because this is what it’s like fighting city hall.

As of yesterday, the case had now moved to the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. A ruling to allow the rally to go forward in the pavilion could be forthcoming in the immediate future, or maybe not.

So what we are now telling people (with just two weeks to go) is this: If you are aware of the importance, to show in Baltimore. Whether there is a rally in the pavilion or not, then by all means, it’s a free country (for the moment anyway) so you do what your Catholic mind and heart inspire you to do.

If, in the meantime, the Fourth Circuit rules in our favor, we will jump quick like bunny rabbits to let you know and have you reserve a seat in the pavilion. If they either rule against us or don’t rule in time, then from what we hear (and totally unrelated to anything Church Militant is organizing) there will still be some kind of massive presence in front of the hotel, just like the city attorney said should happen in open court.

One way or the other, the bishops are going to see and hear that enough is enough!

If you are able to help with our heavy legal costs in having pursued this now for months, please click on the link below. And thank you in advance for your sacrifice.


EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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