VIDEO: Virginia Parents Champion Victory Of ‘Family Values,’ ‘Parental Rights’ After Democrats Routed In State-Wide Elections

It is America’s parents who will save this country from the intolerant Left. G-d bless them.

Virginia Parents Champion Victory Of ‘Family Values,’ ‘Parental Rights’ After Democrats Routed In State-Wide Elections

By Daily Wire, November 3, 2021

Virginia parents are claiming victory for “family values” and “parental rights” after Republicans swept statewide elections in Virginia on Tuesday.

Republicans routed Democrats for Virginia governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general on Tuesday in an election favoring Democrats earlier this year. Local outrage over education created a groundswell of anger against Democrats and progressive school curriculum, ideas, and policies such as student mask mandates.

Parental outrage drove Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin to victory over Democratic former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, flipping the state red after the tenure of Governor Ralph Northam.

“Glenn Youngkin’s victory showcases the Commonwealth’s desire to elect a public servant instead of a political servant,” Virginia mother Elizabeth Perrin told Fox News. “What we have seen is the importance of family values and parental rights in our education system.”

“It has been great to see how the importance of our children’s education and the parents matter movement has brought so many people together,” said Brandon Michon, a Loudoun County father of three. “This is Virginia’s opportunity to raise the bar, and we will be doing it with Glenn Youngkin as governor.”

Loudoun County was launched into national news as the center of a debate over Critical Race Theory in schools earlier this year. As The Daily Wire reported in June:

The fight between parents and Virginia’s Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) district board came to a head on Tuesday night after police arrested at least two parents who refused to leave a public school board meeting. Parents have been embroiled in a nearly year-long pushback against the district for allegedly pushing critical race theory on children — an allegation the district vehemently denies. 

LCPS is far from the only school district in the nation pushing progressive ideology in the classroom. Some of the nation’s most elite private schools, such as Harvard Westlake in Los Angeles and the Dalton School and Spence School in New York City, are peddling this ideology as well. However, the infighting in public schools — which 90 percent of American students attend — is far more telling of what most parents are enduring today. 

Loudoun County parents’ outrage exploded last month after The Daily Wire reported an incident in which a female student was allegedly sexually assaulted in a bathroom by a male student in a skirt.

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