Biden’s Bolsheviks Clearly Understand that ‘The Goal of Socialism is Communism’

“The goal of socialism is communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” ― George Orwell, 1984

Americans today are faced with a serious challenge. The 2020 election gave us the first Communist administration. We did this to ourselves. Whether or not the 2020 election was stolen or not, what we now have in Washington, D.C., whether you believe it or not, is a Communist regime.

This has become clearer after the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. The Democrats, like Jessie Jackson, are now in the streets calling for a Communist Revolution.

But thanks to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the legacy media, social media and the Democrat Party, we already have one!

Watch as protesters in opposition of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict chanted for a “communist revolution” on the streets of Chicago Saturday.

“The only solution is communist revolution,” the crowd is heard chanting.

Biden’s Bolsheviks

On November 6 and 7, 1917, leftist revolutionaries led by Bolshevik Party leader Vladimir Lenin launched a nearly bloodless coup d’état against the Duma’s provisional government. It now appears that Biden has appointed a Bolshevik as his Comptroller of the Currency.

The Conservative View reported on Biden’s Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova:

Joe Biden wants to put an actual Communist — self-proclaimed “radical” Cornell University law school professor Saule Omarova — in charge of the nation’s banking system.

Omarova graduated from the Soviet Union’s Moscow State University in 1989 on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship, according to the Wall Street Journal. As recently as 2019, she was still praising the USSR’s economic system as in some ways superior to our own. “Say what you will about old USSR, there was no gender pay gap there. Market doesn’t always ‘know best.’” [Emphasis added]

Read the full article.

Now Omarova wants to bankrupt America’s oil, coal and natural gas industries for the greater good of climate change. Watch:

Al Gore wants “Big Brother” to watch you if you oppose Biden’s climate change agenda. Watch Al Gore’s latest ‘solution’ to Climate Change is mass surveillance:

How Mandates Are Creating a Communist Regime in America

While mask and Covid jab mandates have harmed Americans in untold ways there is something happening now that is a greater threat to our nation.

Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy stupid.” Today, “It’s  biofuel mandates, stupid.”

Foundation for Economic Education’s Hans Bader reported:

Across the world, the land substitution effects of biofuels mandates have been profoundly negative.

Biofuel mandates drove up wheat prices in Egypt, triggering riots and contributing to the ouster of pro-American ruler Hosni Mubarak. Egypt is now under a veiled military dictatorship that is far more oppressive and wasteful than Mubarak’s rule, and there is far more terrorism and much less tourism and growth in small businesses than under Mubarak. Related food price increases fueled terrorism and violence in places like Yemen and Afghanistan. They also contributed to hunger and child malnutrition in Guatemala.

In an August 20, 2021 article titled “US nears proposal of biofuel targets for 2021-22” Argus Media reported:

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is close to sending its proposed biofuel blending targets for calendar years 2021 and 2022 for a review at the White House, triggering alarm from agricultural interests that the targets could be lower than they expected.

[ … ]

An internal review at the White House — expected to begin as soon as today — would be the final step before EPA formally proposes biofuel blending targets under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The pending release of the proposal will push Biden’s administration back into the complicated politics of pitting biofuel and agricultural interests against refiners and a mostly-union workforce.

EPA is required to set the minimum volumes of advanced biofuels, cellulosic biofuels and total renewable fuels that need to be blended into the fuel supply each calendar year. The agency was supposed to have finalized this year’s biofuel blending targets by 30 November 2020. But it blew past that deadline under former president Donald Trump, and the Biden administration has missed its own goal to propose the targets by July.

Biden and his administration are pushing for the end of the use of fossil fuels and it’s harming working American families:

With the outlawing of fossil fuels comes the end of the American Constitutional Republican form of government. The revolution is already going strong. The Democrat dictatorship in now in their collectivist sites.

The Biden Bolshevik’s weapons of choice are:

  1. Climate change and the Green New Deal.
  2. Covid jab mandates.
  3. Plus the Democrat controlled Congress’ massive funding of a bigger and more intrusive government.

Three strikes and we the people are left out in the cold, literally. Democrats are hell bent on implementing their Communist troika agenda, a.k.a. Build Back Better.


Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is morphing from a cultural war into a full blown Bolshevik Revolution. The Russian Revolution of 1917 involved the collapse of an empire under Tsar Nicholas II and the rise of Marxian socialism under Lenin and his Bolsheviks. The causes of the Bolshevik Revolution were widespread inflation and food shortages in Russia after World War I.

After the collapse of Afghanistan, America’s longest war, Biden inherited an economy from President Trump that was robust, growing, with low inflation, no food shortages with American energy independence.

Biden, since his inauguration, has reversed everything President Trump has done to make America great. Biden’s Build Back Better has, in fact, caused supply chain shortages, rising inflation, food shortages, rising cost for home heating fuel and gasoline prices. Biden and his Bolsheviks are now determined to destroy America’s energy industry for the “greater good” of climate change. Save the planet by destroying mankind.

Cut off the life blood of our economy, fossil fuels, and you turn America into a Communist dictatorship.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has it right. Watch:

The next step is Democrats win every election by a landslide, just like in Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea and Russia.

Welcome to 1984 where there’s a boot on the neck of every American, for ever!

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    The 45 Goals of the American Communist Party have mostly been achieved thanks to socialist Democrats and now ALL in Democrat party are truly socialists and also aided by RINOs only concerned with their own wealth, power and re-election.


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