PODCAST: Here’s Why Your Christmas Gifts [and other essentials] are Stuck at Sea

Joe Biden says Americans aren’t smart enough to understand the supply-chain crisis.

Really? Are we that stupid?

I hate it when bureaucrats treat us like idiots and pretend to be smarter than us. Sure, Biden thinks he understands why store shelves are empty and why Christmas gifts are stuck at sea somewhere. But Biden also thinks most Americans graduated from the School of Rock and are just too dumb.

In my recent podcast, I breakdown why your favorite items are bottlenecked at sea rather than arriving at your door steps or stocked in your local store.

To help explain it all, I invite Bob Hinkle, the CEO of Southwestern Trucking in Atlanta, as a guest. Bob gives his professional insight and experience about what truck drivers are really facing during this supply-chain crisis. His stories will both fascinate and help you understand where to point your fingers.

Is the problem a lack of truck drivers, like the Biden administration wants you to believe? Or is it because of failed government policies? Lockdowns. Stimulus packages. Factory shutdowns. Covid mandates. Unemployment handouts. Green policies.

Biden doesn’t want to explain, not because you’re not smart enough, but because the answers will make him and his staff look like characters from the Dumb and Dumber movie.

Watch my recent podcast here:

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