SPIDER & THE FLY: The False Allure of Communism

The Discontenterati: Destroying Faith in the Left One ‘Grain of Discontent’ at a Time.

Communism Suffers Another Ignominious Defeat (Bolivia)

ACAT Speaker Scott Catino – Antifa 2.0: Antifa growing in capabilities and phasing to a guerilla war strategy (Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief)

ACAT friend and guest speaker David Kilgour – Without the rule of law, China’s totalitarian system generates one tragedy after another: forced organ harvesting, genocide, epic corruption, and crimes against humanity like the concealment of COVID-19 information from the rest of the world

Trevor Loudon’s new documentary ‘Enemies Within the Church’ – Protestant and evangelical churches going communist like the Catholic Church before them (streams here for $12.95)

Ordinary Bolivians defeat measure dubbed the ‘communist law’ with nationwide strike.

  • “This is what socialism tries to do. They want to take everything from us, [but] we won’t let them”
  • “this is Bolivia, not Venezuela”

Nicaragua’s ‘pantomime elections’ lead to sanctions from the U.S., Canada, and Britain

Corrupt Venezuelan cronies steal oil money, invest in luxury properties in the Caribbean

Cuba suppresses planned protest by detaining activists, sending goons to organizers’ homes

  • Song that inspired Cuban protests – “Patria y Vida” – wins song of the year at Latin Grammys
  • Dissident Cuban playwright flees to Spain
  • U.S. imposes visa restrictions on 9 Cuban officials who repressed recent demonstrations

North Korea catches high school students watching ‘Squid Game’, sentences smuggler to death

Vietnamese political prisoners confined to their cells launch hunger strike

From a reader: Can you recommend some great sermons of pastors who spoke out against communism?  Two come to mind –

Pro-communist editors at Wikipedia working to delete entry for “mass killings under communist regimes” because people should revere communist mass murderers, not vilify them

  • This is straight of the communist playbook:  Erase history.  Rehabilitate the monsters. Control the narrative.
  • Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. ―George Orwell

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