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“It’s more than just about having three Muslims in Congress.  I think symbolically it has great value, but I won’t rest until 2020 we have five more members of Congress; 2022 and 24, we have ten more Muslims in Congress.  In 2030 we may have about 30, 35 Muslims in Congress.  Then we’re talking about Madame Chair Rashida.  We’re talking about Madame Chair Ilhan.  Hell, we could be saying Speaker of the House Ilhan, Speaker of the House Rashida, Senator Rashida, Governor Ilhan, President Fatima, Vice President Aziza, Inshah’ Allah…Each and every one of us has a directive to represent Islam, in all of our imperfections, but to represent Islam and let the world know that Muslims are here to stay, and Muslims are a part of America.  And we will, we will have a Muslim caucus that is sizable, that is formidable, and that is there for you.” – U.S. Congressman Andre Carson at the CAIR Community Congressional Reception, January 10, 2019

People in public office in the United States at the local, state, and federal levels are required to take an oath of office that requires them to swear, or affirm, to support the U.S. Constitution.  This is based on Article 6, Clause 3 of that Constitution (the “Oaths Clause”).

The 2019 elections saw an increase in the number of Muslims re-elected and newly elected to public office across the United States, and as part of their oaths of office they each must swear to support the U.S. Constitution.  The upcoming 2020 elections have seen an increase in the number of Muslim candidates running for public office.  If elected, these candidates will have to take an oath of office in which they swear to support the U.S. Constitution.

However, as I showed in my latest book Islamic Doctrine versus the U.S. Constitution: The Dilemma for Muslim Public Officials, there are many core tenets of Islam that are irreconcilably in conflict with much of that Constitution.

It is only natural then to ask a Muslim running for office, or one currently in office, how they personally resolve the irreconcilable conflict between laws in the U.S. Constitution and core tenets of Islamic Doctrine.

So, I decided to ask.

On December 9th and 16th of 2019 I sent four questions to 80 Muslim public officials across the United States, asking them to choose between the U.S. Constitution or Islamic Doctrine.

On February 10, 2020 I sent these same four questions to 36 Muslim candidates running for public office across the United States.  On February 17, 2020 I sent the same questions again to those Muslim candidates who had not responded.

I have detailed this in these two articles:

Since February 2020, I have contacted over 100 additional Muslim public officials and candidates, resulting in a total of over 200 having been contacted.  Some responded to the four questions without expressing support for the U.S. Constitution over Islamic Doctrine.  Others responded by expressing support for the U.S. Constitution.  Those expressing that support are identified at the beginning of the list below.  However, most of the Muslim public officials and candidates have not expressed support for the U.S Constitution or simply not responded, and they are listed below by State.  More names will be added to the list as additional Muslim public officials and candidates are identified.

Interesting Replies

Multiple replies from Pious Ali – City Council of Portland, Maine:

  • The Inquisition ended in 1834… Where are you located again?  I have taking [sic] that oath three times, It [sic] never says I should answer to bigots who live outside my jurisdiction, I hope your week is going well…I will not answer any of your racist anti-Muslim questions.

Zainab Baloch – Former Candidate, Mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina:

  • I didn’t miss it [my first e-mail]. If I have time to respond to your harassing questions, I will. Have a great week!

Shahana Hanif – Candidate New York City Council, tweeted:

  • Just in case you’re wondering what it’s like to be a Muslim woman from Brooklyn running for office: [followed by the Muslim Oath Project questions]
  • Numerous comments from her supporters followed, none of which the candidate disavowed: “crap”, “POS”, “ridiculous”, “shameful”, “vile and ignorant”, “white privelaged male” [sic], “known bigot”, etc., etc.
  • Dr. Kirby replied: “We did have 14 Muslim public officials/candidates who were willing to express support for the U.S. Constitution. I’m sorry you were not one of them.”

The List

Expressed Support for the U.S. Constitution:

Deedra Abboudd – Candidate Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Arizona
Dalia Al-Aqidi – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (MN-5)
Iman-Utopia Layjou Bah – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (AZ-2)
Christopher Benjamin – Florida State House of Representatives Response
Nada Elmikashfi – Candidate Wisconsin State Senate  
Mohammad Iqbal – Kane County Board, Kane County, Illinois
Turan Kayaoglu – Puyallup School Board, Puyallup, WA
Rashid Malik – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (GA-7)
Shammas Malik – City Council, Akron, OH

Ali Mazarei – Candidate California State Assembly
Imtiaz Ahmad Mohammad – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (FL-22)
Public Official Preferred Anonymity – Eastern U.S.
Candidate for Public Office Preferred Anonymity – Eastern U.S.
Candidate for Public Office Preferred Anonymity – Central U.S.

Public Official Preferred Anonymity – Western U.S.
Public Official Preferred Anonymity – Western U.S. 

Candidate for Public Office Preferred Anonymity – Western U.S.

Would Not Express Support for the U.S Constitution (by State)


Yassamin Ansari – Candidate, Phoenix City Council
Muhammad Arif – Candidate United States Senate Response
Muktar Sheikh – Balsz Elementary School DistrictCalifornia

Kaisar Ahmed – Candidate San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors
Waseem Ahmed – Mayor of Chowchilla
Aziz Akbari – Alameda County Water District Director
Maimona Afzal Berta – Franklin-McKinley School Board
Shahid Buttar – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (CA-12)
Aliya Chisti – San Francisco City College Board of Trustees
Halim Dhanidina – Associate Justice for the Second District Court of Appeal
Omar Din – Sunnyvale City Council
Basim Elkarra – Twin Rivers Unified Board of Trustees
Javed I. Ellahie – Monte Sereno City Council
Hosam Haggag – Santa Clara City Clerk
Sam Hindi – Foster City, City Council

Fatima Shahnaz Iqbal-Zubair – Candidate California State Assembly
Al Jabbar – Anaheim Union High School District Board
Farrah N. Khan – Irvine City Council

Antonio Lopez – East Palo Alto City Council 
Anil Muhammed – Torrance Unified School District Board
Gregory A. Pulskamp – Judge Kern County Superior Court
Fauzia Rizvi – Western Municipal Water District (Riverside)
Ali Saleh – Mayor of the City of Bell
Cheryl Sudduth – West County Water District Board of Directors
Ali Sajjad Taj – Artesia City Council
Cenk Uygur – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (CA-25)
Aisha Wahab – Hayward City Council
Sabina Zafar – San Ramon City Council


Iman Jodeh – Candidate Colorado State House of Representatives


Saud Anwar – Connecticut State Senate
Maryam Khan -Windsor Board of Education


Madinah Wilson-Anton – Candidate Delaware State House of Delegates


Anna Eskamani – State House of Representatives
Amira Dajani Fox – State Attorney, 20th Judicial Circuit
Noor Fawzy – Candidate Coral Springs City Commission
Saad Khan – Weston City Commission
Barbara Sharief – Broward County Commissioner 


Amir Farokhi – Atlanta City Council
Ahmed Hassan – Clarkston City Council

Nabilah Islam – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (GA-7)
Sheikh Rahman – Georgia State Senate


Junaid “J” Afeef – Candidate Kane County State’s Attorney
Hadiya Afzal – Candidate DuPage County Board
Bushra Amiwala – Skokie School District 3.5 Board of Education
Sadia Covert – DuPage County Board Member
Rush Darwish – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (IL-3)
Mohammed Faheem – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (IL-8)
Sarah Gad – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (IL-1)
Inam Hussain – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (IL-8)
Moon Khan – Candidate Circuit Court Clerk, DuPage County
Raabia Khan – Oak Grove School District 68 Board of Education

Karim Khoja – Village of Glenview Board of Trustees
Ameena Matthews – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (IL-1) Response
Azam Nizamuddin – Candidate Circuit Judge, Circuit Court of DuPage County
Anisha Patel – Article Heights School District 25 Board of Education
Abdelnasser Rashid – Candidate Cook County Board of Review
Sara Sadat – Lisle Board of Trustees

Alia Sarfraz, Candidate Illinois State House of Representatives


Andre Carson – U.S. House of Representatives (IN – 7)
Fady Qaddoura – Senator-elect, Indiana State Senate


Ako Abdul-Samad – Iowa State House of Representatives
Mazahir Salih – Iowa City, City Council


Pious Ali – City Council of Portland Response
Deqa Dhalac, City Council, South Portland Response
Marwa Hassanien – Bangor School Board
Safiya Khalid, Lewiston City Council
Yusuf Yusuf –  Portland School Board


Raaheela Ahmed – Prince George’s County Board of Education
Hasan M. “Jay” Jalisi – Maryland State House of Delegates
Fazlul Kabir – College Park City Council
Saafir Rabb – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (MD-7)
Sabina Taj – Howard County Board of Education


Mehreen Butt – Wakefield Town Council 
Salina Chowdhury – Candidate Foxborough School Committee
Maya Jamaleddine – Melrose City Council
Afroz Khan – Newburyport City Council
Sarah Khatib – Vice Chair Walpole Planning Board
Ihssane Leckey – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (MA-4)
Fatima Mezdad – Concord School Committee

Nichole Mossalam – Candidate Massachusetts State House of Representatives

Muzammil Nazir – Candidate for Massachusetts State House of Representatives
Patricia O’Brien – Burlington Town Meeting Member
Sumbul Siddiqui – Cambridge City Council

Dave Abdallah – Dearborn Heights City Council
Aamina Ahmed – Policy Advisory Committee, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
Abraham Aiyash – Candidate for Michigan State Senate
Fadel Al-Marsoumi – Hamtramck City Council
Mohammed Alsomiri – Hamtramck City Council
Sam Baydoun – Wayne County Commissioner
Bill Bazzi – Dearborn Heights City Council
Hussein Berry – Dearborn School Board
Stephanie Fakih – Bloomfield Township Trustee
Nayeem Leon Choudhury – Hamtramck City Council
Susan Dabaja – Dearborn City Council
Dima El-Gamal, Candidate for Re-election Bloomfield Hills School Board
Salwa Fawaz – Crestwood School Board Response
Abdul “Al” Haidous – Wayne County Commissioner
Abdullah Hammoud – Michigan State House of Representatives
Fadwa Hammoud – Michigan Solicitor General
Mohammed Hassan – Hamtramck City Council
Ahmed Ismail – Grosse Pointe School Board
Angela Jaffer – Northville School Board
Yameen Jaffer – Pittsfield Board of Trustees
Saima Khalil – Candidate Macomb County Prosecutor
Yasir Khogali – Plymouth District Library Board
Adel Mozip – Dearborn School Board
Solomon Rajput – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (MI-12)
Bilal (Bill) Saad – Underground Storage Tank Authority Board
Mohammed Sabbagh – Crestwood School District Board
Eric Sabree – Wayne County Treasurer
Mike Sareini – Dearborn City Council
Rashida Tlaib – U.S. House of Representatives (MI-13)


Abdullahi Abdulle – New Brighton City Council
Fartun Ahmed – Hopkins School Board Director
Safia Ahmed – Candidate Minnesota State House of Representatives
Abdisalam Adam – Fridley School Board
Leila Shukri Adan (D), Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (MN-5) Response
Siad Ali – Minneapolis Board of Education Director
Hala Asamarai – Columbia Heights School Board Response
AJ Awed – Candidate Minneapolis City Council
Abdirizak Bihi – Candidate Minneapolis City Council

Sharon Dumas El-Amin – Minneapolis Board of Education
Jeremiah Ellison – Minneapolis City Council
Keith Ellison – Minnesota State Attorney General
Omar Fateh – Candidate Minnesota State Senate
AK Hassan – Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner
Hodan Hassan – Minnesota State House of Representatives
Amir Malik – Candidate Minnesota House of Representatives
Nadia Mohamed – St. Louis Park City Council
Mohamud Noor – Minnesota State House of Representatives
Sahra Odowa – Candidate Minnesota State Senate
Suud Olat – Candidate Minneapolis City Council Response
Ilhan Omar – U.S. House of Representatives (MN-5) 
Jamal Osman – Candidate Minneapolis City Council
Saciido Shaie – Candidate Minneapolis City Council
Abdi Warsame – Executive Director/CEO Minneapolis Public Housing Authority

New Hampshire

Aboul Khan – New Hampshire State House of Representatives

New Jersey

Alaa Abdelaziz – Paterson City Council
Fahim K. Abedrabbo – Clifton Public Schools Board of Education
Tahsina Ahmed – Borough of Haledon City Council
Assad Akhtar – Passaic County Freeholder
Mussab Ali – Jersey City Board of Education
Amani Al-Khatahtbeh – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (NJ-6)
Mounir Almaita – Borough of Haledon City Council
Mustafa Al-Mutazzim Brent – City Council of East Orange City Response
Sahar Aziz – Westfield School Board
Alp Basaran – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (NJ-9)
Ibrahim Baycora – Chief of Police, Paterson
Jamillah Beasley – Irvington Municipal Council
Cynthia Brown – City Clerk East Orange
Adam Chaabane – Woodland Park Board of Education
Yasmin Elshami – Saddle River Board of Education
Ted Green – Mayor East Orange City
Mohammed Hameeduddin – Mayor of Teaneck
Rashon Hasan – Board Chair Roseville Board of Education
Dawn Haynes – Newark Public Schools School Board
Melinda Huerta – West Orange Board of Education
Mohammed Hussain – Prospect Park Board of Education
Smita Nadia Hussain – Bloomingdale Board of Education
Sadaf Jaffer – Mayor of Montgomery Township
Mohamed T. Khairullah – Mayor of the City of Prospect Park
Shahin Khalique – Paterson City Council
Alaa Matari – Prospect Park City Council
Alfred Mohammed – Linden City Council
MD Hossain Morshed – City Council of Atlantic City
Raghib Muhammad – Montgomery Township Board of Education
Nuran Nabi – Plainsboro Township Committee
Niaz Nadim – Prospect Park Board of Education
Salim Patel – Passaic City Council
Kamran Quraishi – Montgomery Township Committee
Mohammad Ramadan – Haledon Board of Education
Yousef Saleh – City Council of Jersey City
Denise Sanders – Teaneck Board of Education
Kaleem Shabazz – City Council of Atlantic City Response
Khizar A. Sheikh – Mountain Lakes Borough City Council
Siaka Sherif – Orange Board of Education
Dr. Nancy Uddin – Monmouth Regional High School District Board of Education
Hazim Yassin – Red Bank City Council
Adnan Zakaria – Prospect Park City Council
Esllam Zakaria – Prospect Park Board of Education
Muhammad ‘Anjum’ Zia – City Council of Atlantic City

New Mexico

Abbas Akhil – New Mexico State House of Representatives

New York

Tahanie Aboushi – Candidate Manhattan District Attorney
Shaniyat Chowdhury – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (NY-5)
Charles Fall – New York State Assembly
Shahana Hanif – Candidate New York City Council
Mahfuzul Islam – Candidate New York State Assembly

Robert Jackson – New York State Senate
Mary Jobaida – Candidate New York State Assembly
Badrun Nahar Khan – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (NY-14)
Zohran Kwame Mamdani – Candidate New York State Assembly

Oz Sultan – Candidate New York State Senate

North Carolina

Nida Allam – Candidate Durham County Commissioner
Zainab Baloch – Candidate Mayor of Raleigh Response
Nasif Majeed – North Carolina State House of Representatives
Mujtaba A. Mohammed – North Carolina State Senate


Dr. N. J. Akbar – Akron Board of Education
Mohamed Al-Hamdani – Dayton Public Schools Board of Education

Mohamud Jama – Candidate Ohio State House of Representatives
Basheer Jones – Cleveland City Council
Reem Subei – Candidate Ohio State Senate
Omar Tarazi – Hilliard City Council


Mauree Turner – Oklahoma State House


Mohamed Alyajouri – Portland Community College Director
Nafisa Fai – Washington County Commissioner
Nadia Hasan – Beaverton City Council


Rochelle Bilal – Philadelphia City Sheriff
Jason Dawkins – Pennsylvania State House of Representatives
Curtis Jones Jr. – Philadelphia City Council
Nusrat Rashid – Delaware County Court of Common Pleas
Omar Sabir – Philadelphia City Commission
Sheikh Siddique – Upper Darby Township Council
Sharif Street – Pennsylvania State Senate


Zulfat Suara – Nashville Metropolitan Council


Salman Bhojani – Euless City Council
Rabeea Collier – Judge for the 113th Civil District Court of Harris County
Nuzhat Hye – Irving Independent School District Board of Trustees
Dalia Kasseb – Candidate for Brazoria County Municipal Utility District Board Director
Naushad Kermally – Sugar Land City Council
Letitia Plummer – Houston City Council
Shahid Shafi – Southlake City Council


Mohamed Baayd – Candidate Salt Lake City School Board
Fatima Dirie – Candidate Utah State House of Representatives


 Naila Alam – Herndon Town Council
Hala Ayala – Virginia State House of Delegates
Buta Biberaj – Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney
Ghazala Hashmi – Virginia State Senate
Haseeb Javed – Manassas Park City Council
Babur Lateef – Prince William County School Board
Harris Mahedavi – Loudon County School Board

Zainab Mohsini – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (VA-11)
Abrar Omeish – Fairfax County School Board
Atif Qarni – Secretary of Education

Qasim Rashid – Candidate U.S. House of Representatives (VA-1)
Sam Rasoul – Virginia State House of Delegates
Ibraheem Samirah – Virginia State House of Delegates
Mohamed E. Seifeldein – Alexandria City Council
Lisa Zargarpur – Prince William County School Board

Zak Idan – Tukwila City Council
Riaz Khan – Mukilteo City Council
Varisha Khan – Redmond City Council

Washington DC
Marcus Goodwin – Candidate Washington DC Council At-Large

Syed Abbas – Alderman of the Madison Common Council
Samba Baldeh – Alderman of the Madison Common Council
Minza Karim – Middleton-Cross Plains Board of Education
Akram Khan – Mequon School Board member

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Skirmish -Libertato.US column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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  1. C W Huff
    C W Huff says:

    You have to wonder why ANYONE would desire to move to a country where practicing their religion is in direct conflict with the core values of that country unless it was to change that country. The Constitution is here to stay as long as we have a Republic, when it fails we die as a nation change is not always the answer–be warned.


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