ARIZONA: Project Veritas Busts a RINO

Project Veritas Action Fund (PVA) released a new video today featuring undercover footage recorded by a whistleblower which shows Arizona Republican Congressional Candidate, Alex Stovall, describing how he deceives voters and donors.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Alex Stovall, Republican Candidate in Arizona Congressional District 9: “The Republican party is disgusting to me.”
  • Stovall: “The stuff that they [Republicans] are doing, it should be criminal, and they should all be thrown in prison.”
  • Stovall: “The McCarthys, the Cawthorns, the whole audit bullcrap thing that they’re doing. It’s just another way to funnel money from the American people.”
  • Stovall: “I don’t have respect for Candace Owens anymore. Will I take her donation and take her donors? Absolutely. But it goes no further than that.”
  • Stovall: “What Tucker Carlson is telling you, what Candace Owens is telling you, it’s a bunch of baloney.”

Stovall is currently scheduled to be a guest of Turning Point Action at the upcoming AmericaFest event in Phoenix.

With 2022 almost here, PVA encourages more Brave Insiders working within campaigns to come forward.


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  1. Arnold
    Arnold says:

    While almost every republican in congress knows: that trump lost, that the big lie & vote audits were are obviously nonsense yet have succeeded in sucking billions of dollars from their delusional base, that their leadership is as unamerican treasonous criminal as it gets.

    But this is the first one who’s not a coward & willing to admit he’s against them. The rest would never as falling in line is better for their bank account & their title-the ONLY 2 things republicans care about


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