TRUTH PREVAILS in NY Court: “[B]oth The New York Times and Project Veritas are media organizations”

For far too long, the Corporate Media has attempted to disqualify Project Veritas’ journalism.

Now, they can no longer do that and get away with it.

A New York State Supreme Court justice, who is currently overseeing our lawsuit against The New York Times, AFFIRMED that Project Veritas is indeed a media organization:

Last month, the same justice ruled that The New York Times cannot publish Veritas’ attorney-client privileged memos until a court decision is made on the issue.

As you’d expect, Corporate Media so-called “elites” RACED to criticize the ruling and Project Veritas. Some even compared it to the Pentagon Papers – calling the ruling censorship, “prior restraint,” and an attack on the First Amendment.

The New York Times appealed the lower court’s decision — and lost again. There were no violations of the First Amendment in the eyes of two New York State courts.

You just can’t publish your opponent’s attorney-client privileged  communications and assume you’ll get away with it. Other than that, The New York Times is free to report on and criticize Project Veritas, provided they do so truthfully.

Stay tuned…much more to come in our legal saga against The New York Times…

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas video and column are republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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