PODCAST: Texas School Board has Parents Arrested at Home

Here’s this week’s Shout Out Patriots Show: Arrested and jailed after attending a school board meeting. 2 dads. Two stories.

Imagine the insanity of two police cars arriving at your home with an arrest warrant because you dared to speak out at a school board meeting.

That’s what happened to two fathers in Round Rock, TX.

Jeremy Story, a father of seven, and Dustin Clark, a father of four, spent a night in the Williamson County Jail after raising questions about a superintendent hired by the Round Rock Independent School District.

The fathers (a pastor and a 13-year Army vet) wanted the school board to investigate allegations that its newly hired Muslim superintendent had assaulted his pregnant mistress and threatened to kill them both.

Not an unreasonable request, right?

Maybe not to you or me, but it was for the school board!​

Jeremy Story was dragged out of the school board meeting on Aug. 14 when he tried to raise the issue before the board.

Dustin Clark met a similar fate on Sept. 14 when he objected to the school board raising taxes behind closed doors, which he claims violates Texas’ Open Meetings Act.

On Sept. 16, both men were arrested at their separate homes, taken to jail and then charged with “disorderly conduct with the intent to disrupt a meeting.”

The media, not surprisingly, doesn’t want to tell their side of the story…but we do during our Shout Out Patriots podcast show.

Watch or listen as Jeremy Story and Dustin Clark tell how they were abused, threatened, censored and incarcerated, simply for wanting to hold their school board accountable to Round Rock parents.

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