Left’s Guns Falling Silent in War on Christmas

The Left is losing the war on Christmas – badly – so now it’s trying to convince you it never happened.  That’s a laugh.

There are the usual atheist groups flying ‘religious freedom’ banners doing their usual thing this year – protesting Christmas wreaths on military graves and installing yet another boring Satanic display in a state capitol building.  These people are violating Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the most important of which is ‘don’t repeat your stunts, don’t be boring.’

But the rest of the Left is mostly missing in action this year.  Things have definitely changed from just a few years ago.  (These links are old and may not work.)

In 2015 alone:

  • a VA hospital in Virginia banned Christmas trees. Washington Times 
  • Starbucks moved to plain red holiday cups.  Gateway Pundit
  • the University of Tennessee told employees to “ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise” and no more “Secret Santa”.  The Tennesseean
  • a city councilwoman resigned to protest her town’s Christmas tree lighting.  She was later reinstated and appointed to head a newly-created diversity committee.  Washington Post
  • The ‘Killing Jesus’ mini-series drew the largest audience in National Geographic cable channel history. Truth Revolt
  • And a Kentucky school district purged scripture references from a ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ program. Daily Signal

Ah, the good old days.  But, according to the Left, these things never happened, there never was a war on Christmas.  It doesn’t exist.  Conservatives made the whole thing up.

“There is not, and there never has been, a widespread campaign to harass, exclude, or persecute anyone who dares to wish a stranger a ‘Merry Christmas,’ as the Christmas warriors would have it,” an atheist recently wrote in Politico.  According to this writer, the Left’s war on Christmas is just a “conflict invented to fill right-wing cable airtime,” a creation of the “grievance-industrial complex”, and an “effort by activist Christians to retain their cultural supremacy.”

And, of course, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault for appointing himself General Patton to fight the war on Christmas.  Trump said recently, “When I started campaigning, I said, ‘You’re going to say “Merry Christmas” again,’ and now, people are saying it.” What left-wing article would be complete or even get published without bashing Trump?

But I digress.  In the upside down world of this writer, the Left never tried to embarrass everyone out of saying “Merry Christmas”.   No, it was the Right that started the whole thing by turning the phrase into a political weapon to pound on the Left.  Sure, and I’m Santa Claus.    The author’s bottom line:  the Right should give up its phony claims there ever was a war on Christmas and just go away.

That’s ridiculous.  This is gaslighting of the highest order.  It presupposes the atheist groups never made an issue out of Christmas without anyone asking them to.  Even today, you can go to the Freedom From Religion Foundation website and read all about how Christmas is just a relic of sun worship.  The phony narrative presupposes there never was an endless parade of legal challenges to nativity scenes at the Supreme Court.  So many we now have the reindeer rule requiring jurisdictions to mix in other symbols with their nativity scenes to pass constitutional muster.  And it presupposes that the University of Tennessee, the National Geographic cable channel, and all the other anti-Christmas warriors didn’t have guns blazing in 2015, as noted above.

Here’s what’s going on.  The Left is losing the war on Christmas, just like it’s losing the abortion fight and the war on parents.  So the Left is trying to get you to believe it was all in your head and you’re delusional for thinking they’ve been up to no good and trying to destroy Christmas.  Don’t fall for this line.  They’re known liars – Trump/Russia collusion hoax, anyone? – and, what’s more, they think it’s their duty to lie to you because truth doesn’t matter; winning is the only thing.

So now I wish you all – gay, straight, Christian, Jewish, atheist – a Merry Christmas.  I love saying that because it drives the Left nuts.

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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