PODCAST: A patriot mother does the impossible and wins two ‘write-in’ election campaigns

I was initially shocked to learn that so few parents wanted to hear the story a determined mother who successfully flipped her 4-3 liberal school board into a 5-2 conservative majority.

I thought Patriots would be excited, emboldened and ready to duplicate her efforts to rid themselves of pompous, out-of-touch, parent-hating school board members.

I was wrong. Few have even bothered to read past the headline!

Last week, I sat down with as she told me her remarkable story of mapping out a roadmap to overturn her local school board during last November’s elections. That roadmap would require her to achieve victory using ‘write-in’ candidates only, something unheard of in America.

No one wins elections through ‘write-in’ campaigns!

So how could she possibly achieve TWO write-in victories, flipping her local school board into a dominant conservative majority?

She joined Shout Out Patriots to explain that strategy in detail.

But why don’t parents want to hear it? Duplicate it? Especially parents outraged over school face-mask mandates, Critical Race Theory, and gender-fluid indoctrination?

Then I reminded myself of this sad fact:

It’s easier to complain than do something. It’s easier to watch others than do the hard work. As Americans, we’re more accustomed to sitting in the cheering section than playing on the field.

So, though Mary Katherine Bennett has a remarkable – if not genuinely miraculous – story to tell, it’s not for everyone. But it is perfect for those who want to take back control of their child’s education – and health – and ultimately win the future of America.

Watch our podcast:

Mary Katherine Bennett’s son is autistic and she didn’t want her young child forced to wear a face mask all day at school. The liberal school board dug in their heels and demanded to see her child’s medical records. She dug in her heels and they didn’t get them. What they did get was far worse.

Martin Mawyer, president of Christian Action Network, joins Pastor Jason Binder to learn how Mrs. Bennett and her fellow Patriots took to the streets with ‘write-in’ campaigns.  When the votes were counted, they turned a 4-3 liberal school board into a 5-2 conservative majority. But, wait! Write-in campaigns never work, do they? And twice during the same election? Her stunning story will leave you smiling and shouting.

Patriots. They need a voice. We give it to them!


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EDITORS NOTE: This Shout Out Patriots podcast is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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