Will Unvaxxed Sperm Become The New Bitcoin? Are Covid vaccines the new Agent Orange?

I saw the below tweet and it peaked my curiosity. Will unvaxxed sperm actually become the new Bitcoin? If so, why?

According to the Center for Disease Control more than 204 million people in the U.S. are fully vaccinated. That’s about 61% of the population, with a further 12% partially vaccinated. On top of this, about 62 million people have been given booster jabs.

I did a little search and found this column on ViceNew.com titled “‘Unvaxxed Sperm’ Is Trying to Become the Anti-Vax Bitcoin” bDavid Gilbert.

David reports:

If you ask the developers behind a new cryptocurrency called Unvaxxed Sperm if they’re opposed to vaccines, they’ll claim to be unsure.

“We’re not anti-vaccine,” one of the developers called Jason, who would only provide his first name, told VICE News, claiming that the project is “here to ensure the continuity of objective scientific inquiry and the freedom of discourse.”

But moments later, another developer who wouldn’t reveal his identity and simply goes by the name “Fauci,” said: “To a degree, I’d say we are anti-vaccine.”

Read the full article.

In December 7, 2021 in an article titled “Anti-VAX Group Creates ‘Unvaxxed Sperm” Crypto because God is Dead and We have Killed Him.  What On Earth? Tony Tran from The Byte wrote:

Because we live in a nightmare of our own making, a group of ardent morons have created a new cryptocurrency based on the idea that vaccines lower your sperm count.

The cryptocurrency, dubbed “Unvaxxed Sperm,” launched earlier this month, Vice reports. Its developers wrongly claim that most people don’t need the COVID vaccine, and are fierce advocates of quack treatments such as ivermectin. They also told the website that the project is to “ensure the continuity of objective scientific inquiry and the freedom of discourse.”

Though Unvaxxed Sperm initially saw significant growth when it launched, it seems to have blown its load early and crashed over the weekend.

Still, the developers of the crypto hope that its absolutely stupid name will draw more people into the anti-vax community, according to Vice.

Read the article.

WeCovid produced this video on the fertility and Covid vaccines:

Do you believe the above video is scientific truth or propaganda?

Here’s another perspective on Covid vaccinations. Dr. Mark Bailey and Dr. John Bevan-Smith published a paper titled “The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity.” The video below talks about what they found.

EveryDayHealth.com reported:

More than 125,000 pregnant women have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the pandemic began, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So far, more than 22,000 of these women have been hospitalized and 161 have died.

COVID-19 patients who are pregnant are twice as likely to require admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) and 70 percent more likely to die than individuals who aren’t pregnant, according to the CDC. A record number of pregnant women — 22 — died of COVID-19 in August, the CDC reported in September 2021.

[ … ]

study published in January 2021 in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at outcomes for 406,446 women who gave birth in U.S. hospitals from April 1 through November 23, 2020, including 6,380 mothers with COVID-19. In this study, the death rate for pregnant women with COVID-19 was 141 per 100,000 women, compared with 5 fatalities per 100,000 uninfected pregnant women. COVID-19 infections were also associated with higher rates of heart attacks, potentially fatal blood clots in the leg, and dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy known as preeclampsia.

Who do you trust if you want to get pregnant? The CDC, your pediatrician or your common sense?

The Bottom Line

Question: Do doctors and scientist really know the long term effects of all of the Covid vaccines?

Answer: NO!

Question: Do we know what the long term effects of the Covid vaccines are of women who are pregnant and the unborn?

Answer: NO!

I am remined of the time when I was in Vietnam and exposed to Agent Orange. The federal government, the Veterans Administration, doctors and scientists told us who served in Vietnam that Agent Orange was not the cause of the cancers and human anomalies like Type 2 Diabetes Vietnam veterans were suffering from. It took decades for the truth to come out.

We know today that there are serious side effects to the Covid vaccines. We still do not know how these vaccines fundamentally change the human body.

Do I trust the government and these doctors now? I think not.

We will see what the long term effects are of all of  these experimental Covid vaccines and now pills.

These entrepreneurs are raising an issue that needs to be raised.

The issue is are the unvaxxed, which includes large numbers of people who have natural immunity to Covid, healthier sperm donors.

Are  Covid vaccines the new Agent Orange?

Maybe we these vaccine passports will come in handy when women decide to marry and carry children. Would you rather carry the child of a vaxxed or unvaxxed man? That is the question.

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