Congressman Mike Garcia (R-CA): L.A. DA Gascón ‘Landing on the Side of the Criminals’

Monday on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Company, Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) called for radical Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón to resign over his handling of the rising crime in the area.

“I think the people need to make it happen,” Garcia said of Gascón’s resignation. “We have to first start by holding him accountable for his lack of accountability and charging these criminals. He’s effectively landing on the side of the criminals rather than the victims.”

That’s the Democrat way.

“We have folks who have committed murder against law enforcement officers who are now looking at an option of early parole because of Gascón,” Garcia added. “We have minors who are being charged with sexual felonies who are looking at potentially not even going through the court system because of his new what he calls the Ready Program, which is a rehabilitative program for minors.

“So, the people need to pay attention. We need to hold him accountable,” Garcia concluded. “We need all elected officials to call for his resignation and ultimately push for a recall if we need to do that, but he’s certainly not helping our county right now. The city of Los Angeles has effectively the Penguin operating like in Gotham City right now in the form of a DA, and it’s absolutely shameful. These are the policies we cannot allow to have uploaded to the federal government. This is the fight that we’re fighting, making sure that our nation doesn’t become what California has become.”

George Gascón

9 Known Connections

Gascón Lays out His Philosophy & Priorities As DA

On December 7, 2020 — the day he was sworn into office as DA of Los Angeles — Gascón wrote Los Angeles police officers an open letter in which he: (a) accused them of engaging in “unconstitutional policing” practices that had “severely hindered the standing and safety of us all”; (b) announced his intent to reopen several police shooting cases that his predecessor, Jackie Lacey, had declined to prosecute; (c) articulated his support for Black Lives Matter; and (d) expressed support for diverting funds away from police departments and toward community-based health and social-service programs that could serve as alternatives to jail and prosecution.

To learn more about George Gascon, click here.

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