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This isn’t a joke. Already in 2005, soon after The People’s Cube was born, Google canceled us by removing the site from their search registry. Soon afterwards Cafepress canceled our “Che is Dead” t-shirts. In the next few years our numerous products also got canceled by Zazzle and Spreadshirt. Once we signed up on Facebook and Twitter, our posts got repeatedly canceled, our account suspended for days and weeks, our exposure restricted, and our presence shadowbanned.

We got canceled on Wikipedia by the woke public editors before they even called themselves “woke,” and before “cancel culture” became the norm. After a few-month battle to keep our page alive in Wikipedia, we realized it was pointless and gave up trying. At various times we also got canceled by the Department of Defense and AT&T commercial wi-fi networks.

And even before we moved to the U.S., the caring Soviet state had canceled our prospects of any career advancement.

So this t-shirt isn’t a joke, but rather a story of my life. I’ll wear it proudly and I know that many of you will, too.

EDITORS NOTE: This column by Red Square on The Peoples Cube is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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