COVID Nazis Goose-Stepping Their Way to Thousand-Year Reich

The COVID Nazis were out in full force over the holidays.

A video shows a woman on a domestic flight yelling at a man to put his mask on.  After the man refuses because he is eating, the woman hits him and spits on him.  New York police are enforcing the city’s vaccine mandate by surrounding diners at their tables, demanding to see their vaccination cards, and threatening to arrest them if they don’t leave.   New York Democrats have proposed legislation to silence critics of COVID policies under the guise of prohibiting what they call ‘medical disinformation’ on social media.  Catholic Charities in Spokane refused to feed the homeless on Christmas if they weren’t vaccinated, so some people got together and did it themselves.  A commentator on MSNBC said the unvaccinated should be refused hospital care.    How about we just take them away in ambulances with the windows blacked out and incinerate them, instead?

In recent weeks, A Portland school forced children to eat outside in 40-degree weather in order to enforce the state’s indoor mask mandate.  Oregon Democrats are itching to make the mandate permanent.  Santa Cruz County in California imposed an indoor mask mandate that applies to private homes.  New York City required all private sector employees to be vaccinated.  Doctors and nurses are being warned not to speak out against COVID vaccines on pain of losing their license.   I have a friend whose doctor just received such a letter.

Things could be worse.  In the Netherlands, police sicced dogs on anti-lockdown protesters and beat the protesters with batons.  The Australian Army is forcibly removing people who test positive and their close contacts to quarantine camps.  Austria has announced mandatory universal vaccination over age 14 and will soon send out swarms of inspectors to collect fines from people who refuse to pay up, or drag them to jail.  A Canadian province has decreed no vaccine, no access to grocery stores.

It’s getting crazier, and for no good reason.  I’ve commented before that COVID rules are becoming more authoritarian precisely at the same time the phony narratives supporting them are getting weaker and weaker.  Tomorrow, I’ll delve more deeply into the phony narratives which, collectively I call COVID Derangement Syndrome.  But for today, I leave you with hope.  Resistance is not futile.  Resistance works.  Los Angeles public schools canceled their COVID vaccine mandate because 30,000 students were not in compliance.  Some big hospitals have dropped their vaccine mandates because so many hospital workers refuse to get the shot.  A Virginia hospital was held in contempt of court for withholding ivermectin from a patient.  If you are refused treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which have been proven safe and effective against COVID, you should sue, too.  Sue every single medical professional who refuses to provide a reasonable standard of care for political reasons.  They want to play politics, make them pay, that’s what I say.

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