Watch the New Documentary “Finding Courage” that Features Chinese Defectors

Recent polls reveal that 30% of younger Americans are embracing Marxism and seem to have no real concept of what it is really about. A new documentary film has been created that exposes that reality.

Finding Courage is the story of a family whose members are former CCP Journalist Propagandists that found a path to peace and harmony and then experienced severe persecution and suffering. Their sister was murdered and their brother was imprisoned and tortured for 12 years. They bring the perspective from being on the CCP side and bringing other defectors to the screen to validate further their incredible story.

Watch the “Finding Courage” trailer:

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On Thursday night January 13th at 5:30 PM PST the film, Q&A and Panel discussion will be available at:

The event will be Hosted by Pastor Greg Young, host of the Chosen Generation Radio Show and Co-Hosted by Daphne Barak the top Interviewer for CBS Paramount Plus who will have a four hour feature presentation airing next month. Special Panel Guests to include Erbil Gunasti, author of Game Changer, Senator Jeff Stone and special guests.

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