The Snakes and Devils of the Abortion Biz

Today, we pick up with exposing the wretched Left and Democrats and their despicable methods.

Turning now to abortion, Planned Parenthood in Chicago failed to report sex abuse against an underage girl.  A former middle school principal drove the girl from Indiana, with whom he was sexually involved, to get an abortion.  Planned Parenthood had to know something was not right when a grown man shows up with an underage girl, but they didn’t report the abuser to the police, as far as anyone knows.  This is really not surprising when you consider repeated reports Planned Parenthood pushes abortions on girls as young as 11, without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Evidence suggests abortion clinics do not routinely screen for whether expectant mothers are being pressured into having an abortion by partners, parents, employers, or others.  This can result, as in a recent case in Argentina, with the woman not being allowed to leave the hospital and the abortion being performed without her consent.

Abortion activists are trying to get around the new abortion laws in Texas by transporting pregnant women to Mexico and smuggling dangerous abortion pills into the U.S.   They openly state they do not care if this makes them criminals.

Claims that large numbers of women die in back-alley abortions where abortion is illegal have been debunked, again.  The architect of Roe v. Wade, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, admitted he repeatedly told the press the number was 10,000 when the true number was closer to 200.  Now the WHO has been caught lumping in miscarriages to overstate the number of deaths arising from illegal abortions.

Abortion advocates use dishonest poll results to hoodwink people into thinking abortion is popular.  In one poll, people were asked if they support or oppose a law banning abortions after a heartbeat is detected.  58 percent responded they oppose, but that would include people who oppose the law because they want abortion banned BEFORE a heartbeat is detected.

If abortion advocates get their way, medical schools would be forced to teach students how to perform abortions.  This is because so few doctors want any part of this dirty business.

A Planned Parenthood clinic in Pennsylvania has denied it performs abortions, but state records show it is conducting telemedicine abortions involving abortion pills, or plans to do so.

A liberal foundation played a key role in getting abortion pills approved and distributed, but they did it in the service of a hidden agenda – population control.  They’re not the only ones with a hidden agenda.  The late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in 2009 that Medicaid funding for abortion would limit population growth in poor communities, “populations that we don’t want to have too many of,” in her words.

Covering up for pedophiles.  Evading parents. Lying and making stuff up to feed to the press.  Criminal activity.  Hidden agendas.  To abortion advocates I say, if this is the only way you can win, you don’t deserve to win.  You deserve to lose, and to be condemned for your despicable acts and atrocious attitudes.

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