Open Borders, Hidden Agendas

Joe Biden’s approval numbers keeps sinking to new lows.  The chaos he’s created at the border is not among the top reasons, but it should be.  The news today is not good.

DHS records show 50,000 illegal aliens released between March and August last year failed to report as instructed.  The agency has no idea where they are.  Also in the news today, Republican lawmakers in the House are demanding answers from the Biden administration as to why ICE arrest and deportation numbers are way down, despite steady agency funding.  The head of Homeland Security essentially said in September we shouldn’t be deporting illegal aliens if it would make them feel bad.  We should only deport them if we have a special reason.  He followed this up with another policy change the next month declaring illegal aliens could not be arrested at schools, parks, daycare centers, or just about anywhere else they might actually be.  Some congressional Republicans say the administration is hiding the ball by refusing to release official deportation numbers for last year.  Could be.  DHS only released a report showing the number of foreigners overstaying their visas is up after a news outlet made a big stink to get the report.

In other border news:

  • record number of unaccompanied alien children were taken into custody in FY21 – 122,000.  Reports continue about child sex abuse at the shelters where they are housed.
  • Border agents caught 2,200 illegal aliens in Texas and stopped seven human smuggling attempts over New Year’s weekend.
  • The Biden administration is falling down on the job so bad that private armed groups with drones are catching illegal border crossers and turning them over to appreciative officials and law enforcement in Kinney County, Texas.
  • Reports continue that the Biden administration is reallocating COVID relief money meant for Americans to house illegal aliens pouring across the border.
  • The Biden administration was accused of falsely claiming the alien asylum backlog is down despite the unexplained disappearance of 50,000 files.
  • The UN, which supports free migration to destroy Western countries, charters buses for illegal alien caravans, coaches illegal aliens how to file asylum claims, and pays their travel expenses to reach the U.S., all with the help of U.S. taxpayers.
  • An Arizona sheriff said the situation is the worst he’s ever seen it and the cartels are making more money than ever, thanks to the Biden administration.
  • A U.S. Customs and Border Protection report admits illegal aliens from Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, and other terror-prone countries are coming across the southern border.

The Biden administration has never given a satisfactory explanation of why its open borders policies are good for the country.   One explanation I’ve heard is the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ – change America into a socialist country by replacing the people who live here.  Before you dismiss that as a crazy conspiracy theory, you should know left-wing activists openly talk about it.  If that’s not what’s going on, the Biden administration should open up and tell us why it’s doing its best to help illegal aliens overrun the country.

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