VIDEO: Senator Marco Rubio ‘Liberals Want Power to Intimidate and Destroy Political Opponents’

What we have in the Obama 3/Biden Administration is complete Totalitarianism and Lawlessness.  We must retain the Filibuster in the Senate and stop the ridiculous voting laws the left wants to instigate which will federalize elections and take them away from states where they belong, eliminate the Electoral College and/or pack the SCOTUS with leftists.

We the people must put an end to the absolute lawlessness currently endemic within our Federal government including the Congress, Department of (In)Justice, Homeland Security, Immigration and Naturalization and the entire so called intelligence community.

As correctly stated by Senator Rubio in the video below,

“After all, for these people, they believe this ridiculous narrative that every Republican is an insurrectionist, probably a racist, wants to overthrow the U.S. government and probably destroy democracy.”

My only comment here is I wish Republicans would stop using the word Democracy which is not the form of government our country was founded upon but rather a Constitutional Republic.  The difference is a Constitutional Republic is government by Rule of Law whereas a Democracy is government By the Mob.

If Schumer gets his way in the Senate and eliminates the last ability of the Minority to resist the tyranny of the majority we the people will be eliminated.

If the Republicans in the Senate don’t take decisive action to fix the current situation including the rampant voter fraud that occurred in 2020, we’ll never win another federal election.

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