PODCAST: No One’s Pushing This Sheriff Around

Sheriff Jody Greene is unapologetic and Walking Tall.

A North Carolina sheriff is refusing to be bullied into removing a Bible verse from his Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

Sheriff Jody Greene sat with Christian Action Network’s Shout Out Patriots podcast to talk about a thuggish atheist group and other challenges of police work in 2022.

The challenges aren’t just the epidemic of drug use, overdoses, domestic strife and crime poisoning every state in the nation. There are also people like the Freedom From Religion Foundation of Madison, Wis. who are standing ready to attack people of faith for the things they lean on for strength.

Here’s the verse Sheriff Jody Greene had inscribed in big, black letters on the wall of his department – which is not coming down:

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Philippians 4:13)

The picture went viral enough for someone to see it, and see a way to attack the first Republican ever to elected sheriff in a “theoretically Democratic county,” as Greene put it.

“It’s a political attack,” he said in the Shout Out Patriots episode.

Greene, who is a former North Carolina state trooper, said the United States faces much, much larger problems in 2022 than words on a sheriff’s office wall: Society is emasculating men!

“It’s already happening. They’re breeding manhood out of our society. A child gets in a fight at school now. What happens to them? They’re expelled, they’re charged or whatever. They don’t learn how to be men, so the first thing you want to do is grab a gun.”

“So if they’re held to that standard, and all they want to do is play video games, how are they going to be productive?”

Listen to and watch the entire discussion on the Jan. 4 edition of Shout Out Patriots.

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