Is This the End-Game of the Democrat Party? An All Out War Against Americans?

I believe that the Democrat party, especially the extreme left that seems to be in control right now, is in its death throes. We are witnessing the painful ( for them ) demise of the worst domestic terrorist organization we have witnessed – ever in our history.

This evil administration under what is definitely the worse and most dangerous leadership, came into being with promises to unite a nation that was already pretty united and to stop the China virus! Of course, that was never the plan as they wanted to create a socialist nation filled with a brain washed proletariat that would depend on the state from cradle to grave. To create racism where there was none. To reach this lofty goal these traitors had a very tame and obedient main stream media ready to push the lies and the propaganda that had been so well planned for so long.

However, the ineptitude and the stupidity of the people that were involved forgot one thing. This nation has enough real Americans in it that would not just lie down and accept the end game as it was planned.

We watched as this administration from day one set out to destroy our constitutional republic from within. From a destructive energy agenda which destroyed high paying jobs and endangered our very security and one that rewarded our enemies by buying oil from them instead of using ours. Oil today is $85 a barrel and moving on up! Gone are those days of under $2 a gallon.

We watched as this administration embarrassed our nation and military in the most terrible withdrawal from Afghanistan. I am not here to talk about the rights and wrongs of that 20 year war and understand we needed to withdraw some day. However the military leadership under treasonous military leadership lied to our allies, our friends and our nation. They deliberately screwed it up thinking they could blame Trump which the tame media took up but it didn’t work. The world saw this administration for what it was. This includes our friends and our enemies. Our enemies in particular took notice and realized that instantly they could get away with what ever they wanted.

The military under Biden is like a toothless bulldog. If left to him and General Miley it will become a rainbow and woke organization filled with freaks like transgenders etc.

We are letting down Ukraine as it is being threatened by Russia.

We are letting down Taiwan which is being threatened by China.

We are helplessly watching our enemies fly new hypersonic missiles and test nuclear weapons.

We are allowing Iran to continue its nuclear weapons program which will destabilize the entire Middle East if it is allowed.

We are screwing over our allies like Israel who must feel they are on their own.

We have armed for free our enemy the Taliban with weapons and military hardware they couldn’t have dreamt about. We handed them the most secure airfield in the world, Baghran and now can only watch as the Chinese fill it and use it as a base of operations.

Now let’s look at inflation. Prices haven’t risen this high or fast for 40 years or so – and we haven’t seen the end of that! Trust me, recession and hyper inflation will follow if we allow this inept domestic terrorist organization, the New Socialist Democrat Party, to continue.

The border is not just porous. It is wide open. Enemies and criminals are pouring into this country, diseased and untested.

The supply train has been deliberately destroyed. Goods are piling up and this administration lies daily about how they have fixed the problem.

Covid is still totally rampant despite approximately 84% of adults being “vaccinated” and liberals are losing their minds, spewing hatred to cover their inadequacies.

Wages have risen exponentially but in no way are they even beginning to keep up with inflation. People are worse off one year into this usurpers reign and not only that, the groups worse off are the Hispanics and Blacks, the very groups Biden thought he had in the palm of his hands.


The tide is turning and these two groups have seen the result of the last election and buyers remorse is rampant. They are not buying the lies anymore.

Women who voted in large numbers for the mentally deranged treasonous pervert and thief in the Peoples House, are seeing the light and turning away.

People are learning daily that they cannot trust the MSM, that the China Virus has been greatly exaggerated, that the so called vaccine which is not a vaccine, is a con. It’s also dangerous. I ask you here, name me one vaccine that needs multiple shots and still enables you to catch, pass, be hospitalized and die from the very virus it’s supposed to save you from. Plus you cannot sue the pharmaceutical companies when the poison hurts or kills your! But hey, the big pharma is raking in billions of dollars in profit!! Yay!!

I could go on but you get the idea. Build back better is dead in the water. Voting and election changes are dead in the water. Their global warming agenda is dead in the water. This administration cannot pass anything. They are a lame duck administration which this year will be permanently crippled after the mid term elections when we slap these bastards down like the rabid animals they are.

Then we have serious work to do. We have to DRAIN THE SWAMP OF ALL FILTHY SLIMY SWAMP CREATURES. REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS. We need to find them all, investigate them all, arrest and charge them all and sentence them to maximum sentences including death. They are traitors. Low down, lying, stinking traitors. By taking all their over inflated pensions and ill-gotten goods and possessions obtained by illegal methods and treasonous actions we can finance this just witch hunt. Fill those SuperMax prisons. Build more if needed. Fill those federal death row areas and get it done.

Radical? I don’t think so. These are evil people. They hate this country and have done all they can to destroy it, the middle class and our beloved military, law enforcement, economy, security, global position and standing. They have enriched themselves while doing all the above over the last 70 plus years.

Watch for more lies and actions as they use the media to keep us unfocused on their inability to run a country like the wrongful arrests of friends of mine like Stewart Rhodes, creator and leader of Oath Keepers, an organization I have been a member of since it’s inception. They are lying and exaggerating his part in the protests of January 6th and are unconstitutionally holding him and many others in prisons and jails with no bail and no rights, destroying lives and families as they try and lie about the extremist conservatives and Trumpists.

They are using information from encrypted information and then turning those words and wrongly manipulating them, to try prove guilt and make people believe that we are all right wing nut jobs, racists, homophones etc. The truth is that is the opposite. They are the racists and true enemies of we the people.

Remember, the safest communications is face to face but it is still good to use Signal and other encrypted sites. But understand the following.

The concept the US Military uses for encrypted communications is they expect the encryption to be broken. They believe that by the time the encryption is broken, that message will no longer have value.

Continue to use Signal, but understand 1) There are ways around the encryption; 2) The encryption can and will be broken; 3) Ensure the message will not have value when the encryption is broken; 4) Signal is still better for voice calls then not using Signal.


America. Gird your loins. Prepare to stand firm. We have work to do. It may be dangerous. It may be tedious. It may be difficult but if you want to leave anything good for your kids and their kids, it is time for patriots to stand up and do patriot stuff!

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.


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