Watch Ricardo Bosi’s ‘Emergency Warning’ To Australia

“Professional politicians in the major parties have ruined our country, serving not the citizens of the nation, but representing foreign powers and ideologies, as well as other special interest groups. We must make the choice not between ‘left’ and ‘right’, but between right and wrong.” – Riccardo Bosi, Author, Speaker, Senate Candidate, Former Australian Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and National Leader of AUSTRALIAONE Party

Riccardo Bosi of Australia, leader of the party AUSTRALIAONE, and a former Australia Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel— a man who seems to understand what we’re up against and what it takes for people to triumph over fascist governments–gives an enormously powerful, Churchillian speech to the people of Australia, which is all too relevant to us and to freedom-loving people the world over.

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  1. Sherrin Ball
    Sherrin Ball says:

    Has any man since the famous speech by JFK to the media pack way back in the 60’s about the Secret Dark Forces that are corrupting the whole world and was later killed for his honestly to go public about it ever made it so plain?
    This man has just sent chills down the spines of all those involved.
    It matters not if this spineless Cabal kill Bosi, I know the SAS code.
    They take care of their own and always have done.
    The Cabal filth had better start running.

  2. Robert Dow
    Robert Dow says:

    I have the answer to this global problem. Stop looking at the problem and focus on the answer.
    ACTS chapter 16:25…. I put it to the test. It sends the curses back on the heads of those who are working to destroy humanity.

    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:


      Thanks for reading and commenting. Well said.

      We believe on focusing on problems and then looking at the outcomes of any government policy. If the policy’s outcomes don’t solve the problem then that policy should be voided.

  3. Calvin Tomm
    Calvin Tomm says:

    My concern is that when the restrictions come off, as they are in many other countries now, they are being taken off for the wrong reason. The governments may admit to themselves around the world but they will do everything they can to manipulate the message to save face, and to do the same thing when the next major variant or a whole new virus comes along. They will never admit they were wrong, as many virologist and any minute neurologist and doctors and nurses and others of said that for this kind of virus, lockdowns and masking do not work, and certainly these so-called vaccines do not work for this kind of virus, and never will.

  4. Esther Shelley
    Esther Shelley says:

    The real problem is how we got here. People are self absorbed. Few are willing to fight an enemy. They just want their good life. Few have moral backbone. They wan the government to be their nanny and take care of them. Worse, they raise their children with those expectations as well. How do we stop that kind of complacency and self focus? I have no idea. Certainly not for this generation and the next.

    Maybe that’s why this happened. Rip the bandaid off and for the issue or it would never happen. But in 4 generations, we will have forgotten lessons of the past and start over again. This is why education cannot be in the hands of teachers. They manipulate history and we forget the lessons of our past and have to repeat them over and over again. It’s a sober realization just how vulnerable we really are.

  5. Fred Engle
    Fred Engle says:

    Seeing the people of the world recognize the problem and unite against it raises my focus to God. With him all things are possible. Australia has many good and wonderful who are taking up the call to right the wrongs and set the country back on its historical foundation. Mr Bosi is emblematic of what it takes to live a richeous life. We are born poor and we die poor. What makes us rich is what we make of our time on earth. Too many see fame, and material possessions as the measure of us as people. We must cast off the false values and return to our true nature as God created us. God bless us all, God keep us all.


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