2021 ‘Hottest Year’ BUST: Global Temps Declining Since 2016

1) 2021 ‘hottest year’ BUST: NASA GISS, UK Met Office, RSS, UAH, all show global temps declining since 2016 – 2021 an ‘imperceptible 0.134C warmer than the 30-year average’

2) ‘Unprecedentedly few’: ‘2021 had the fewest global hurricanes in the satellite era’ & 2nd fewest strong hurricanes since 1980

Bjorn Lomborg: “Hurricanes in 2021 were unprecedented — as in unprecedentedly few. Globally, 2021 had the fewest hurricanes ever in the satellite era (1980-2021). Globally, 2021 had some of the fewest strong hurricanes in the satellite era (1980-2021). With 16 strong (Cat 3+) hurricanes, 2021 was the second-lowest strong hurricane year since 1980. Globally, 2021 was a weak hurricane year. When measured by total energy (Accumulated Cyclone Energy), 2021 was the 9th weakest year. Did you see that reported anywhere?

Hurricanes in 2021 were weak and exceptionally few. But we heard lots about North Atlantic hurricanes. Conveniently, North Atlantic is the only basin where hurricanes are stronger. Does this leave us well-informed?. But we hear lots about names storms (hurricanes + weaker storms). Ever-easier to detect, so numbers keep climbing (4 of 2020s 30 named storms wouldn’t have been named in 2000!). Not as relevant, but hey, scary numbers.”

3) Climate change is racist!? Targets minorities!? USA Today: ‘Code Red’ Heat: ‘The climate emergency is sending more kids of color to the emergency room’

4) Reuters: UN chief laments the ‘failures of global governance’ — Urges world to ‘go into emergency mode’ to tackle ‘climate crisis’ 

As the world is far off-track on limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, Guterres urged all governments to strengthen their climate action plans under the Paris Agreement, “until they collectively deliver the 45 per cent emissions reduction target.” This means “no new coal plants. No expansion in oil and gas exploration,” he said.

U.N. chief Antonio Guterres: “We must rescue the Agenda 2030.” … Meanwhile, the climate crisis is fueling conflict and escalating humanitarian crises. … At the same time, every country must strengthen their Nationally Determined Contributions until they collectively deliver the 45 per cent emissions reduction needed by 2030. … Every sector and every industry, including shipping and aviation, must be on a trajectory to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Wealthier countries must finally make good on the $100 billion climate finance commitment to developing countries, starting in 2022.”

5) Watch: The first medically-diagnosed case of — climate change?! – Morano Minute – Morano:

“Trust me. I am not a doctor, But I play one on TV.” — A doctor in British Columbia, Canada, made waves by becoming the first doctor to ever diagnose a patient as suffering from “climate change.” Is this the beginning of a climate change health epidemic? Learn more on this episode of the Morano Minute.

6) The New Yorker mag claims the refrigerator is ‘an Agent of Climate Catastrophe’

New Yorker claims air conditioners are the culprits “of our unfolding climate catastrophe.”

Rebuttal: The “notion that refrigeration is contributing to a ‘climate catastrophe’ is preposterous,” Steve Milloy of JunkScience.com noted. He also pointed out that the leftist “war against refrigeration” goes all the way back to the 1970s. The “war” has since resurfaced under President Joe Biden’s push for ratification of the radical Kigali Amendment, which seeks to phase out HFCs on a global scale to fight climate change.

7) CBS Mornings co-host Nate Burleson Ties Massive Volcano, Tsunami to ‘Climate Change’

CBS’s Nate Burleson ties the underwater volcanic eruption and 50-foot-high tsunami in Tonga to climate change: “We talk about climate change quite a bit. These stories are a harsh reality of what we’re going through and we have to do our part because these are more frequent.” …And, when called out, he denied having said something untrue and may have copy-pasted the first result from Google Images of “volcano climate change.”

8) Analysis: ‘Amount of energy available to world has increased 1,500-fold’ since 1900 – ‘Gain in useful energy is more like 3,500 times’ – Avg. person now has ‘700 times more useful energy than their ancestors had’ due to fossil fuels

TOM CHIVERS: “The world’s population has exploded: in 1800, there were about 1 billion humans. In 1950, there were 2.5 billion. Now there are 7.7 billion. In my parents’ lifetime, the number of humans alive has trebled. But amazingly, the amount of material available to each of them has increased even more, and that is in large part because of our use of fossil fuels. In 1800, almost all the energy used globally was in the form of human and animal muscles, for mechanical work, or plant matter, burned for heat and light. Coal, the first widely used fossil fuel, was just starting to be used in steam engines in the UK, but it was negligible overall. By 1900, fossil fuels were the source for half our energy. By 2000, they were the source of 87%. …

And as a result, our lives have been transformed. The amount of energy available to the world has increased 1,500-fold. That is only part of the story, though: increased energy efficiency means that the gain in useful energy is more like 3,500 times. And even though the world’s population has gone up many times, “an average inhabitant of the Earth nowadays has at their disposal nearly 700 times more useful energy than their ancestors had at the beginning of the 19th century”.

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  1. Philly_Buster
    Philly_Buster says:

    Bad news for the globalist COVID19 narrative is falling apart and now the global warming is following suit! What are they goin to panic the planet with? I guess they still have fake racism

      • Dr. Rich Swier
        Dr. Rich Swier says:

        There are three scientific absolutes about the climate:

        1. The climate changes.
        2. These changes follow natural cycles (e.g. summer, fall, winter, spring).
        3. There is nothing mankind can do to change these natural cycles.

        Search our website for the work of John Casey who found that one of these natural cycles involved the number of sun spots. The fewer sun spots then the cooler the earth, the more sun spots the warmer the earth.


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