VIDEO: Governor DeSantis’ Ad ‘Freedom over Fauci Flip Flops’ goes viral

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has released a new ad that shows how Dr. Fauci flip flops. The ad also makes the case that lockdowns and mandates are ineffective at best and dangerous at worse.

Watch: Gov. Ron DeSantis Shows Dr. Fauci Flip-Flops in EPIC Ad.

The video has a graphic at the end of the Freedom over Fauci Flip Flops using the phrase “Fauci Can Pound Sand.”

“To pound sand” is an American invention that first appeared in print back in 1857 meaning “to engage in a pointless, menial task”  according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Example, “If he told them to pound sand, they would pound sand, and think that it was the finest thing in the world.” Literally pounding sand (like with a shovel) is indeed a pointless chore; the sand does not really compress or adhere to itself, so the result is largely indistinguishable from the starting point.

This use of the phrase “pounding sand” is on-point is Fauci wants us all to pound sand via meaningless tasks like: lockdowns, vaxx mandates, vaccine passports, booster shots, etc.

This has lead to cartoons on Fauci’s Flip Flops. Click here to see on of these Wuhan Flu Flip Flop Cartoons.

Let the flip flop war begin in the name of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Choose freedom over Fauci. Give me liberty or give me Fauci.

Governor DeSantis is running for re-election in 2022. Team DeSantis posted the below tweet.

This video has driven the left looney, literally. The left, rather than taking the high ground by defending Fauci and Biden’s mandates, Democrats have decided to make their own flip flops with “F**K DESANTIS” on the bottoms.

This is typical for Democrats, don’t address and defend the issues, just attack the messenger.

Now that’s ironic. Rather than going high, as Michele Obama said, the left is going low with its prerogative slogan. What does that tell you?

DeSantis 2022 and beyond.

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