Why My Pillow’s Headache Could Become Your Nightmare

Here’s this week’s Shout Out Patriots Show:

Snowflake Nazis are here. And their motto is: No Coin for You!

When two banks last month told My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, to take his accounts elsewhere, it made national news. Of course, the media loves to gloat when bad things happen to American-loving Patriots.

For many Americans, this news shocked them. Can a bank really close an account based on the customer’s political point of view or activities?

Who could blame Moms and Pops if they rightfully started to worry, “Do I risk my bank account being closed because I posted something on Facebook?”

Well, the fear should run much deeper than that!

It’s not just a person’s bank account that could be closed due to their political views, but credit cards could be canceled, insurance companies dropped, and much more.

Remember the Soup Nazi on the Jerry Seinfeld show? He would famously disparage unruly customers by shouting, “No soup for YOU!”

Now enters the Snowflake Nazis, who have a hatefully similar slogan if you’re a conservative, “No coin for YOU!” Their goal is to bankrupt Patriots.

And they mean business.

How do I know?

Because at Christian Action Network, we’ve been the victim of these ‘Take your business and shove it’ efforts many times over!

Throughout the past several years, we’ve been booted out the door by Global Payment Systems (a credit card merchant service), QuickBooks, Discover Card, and an insurance company — all because they woke up one day and found our religious views objectionable.

Last summer, we were notified by BB&T Bank, which we’ve done business with for over 20 years, that they closed our account.

Who are these Snowflake Nazis? I hope you want to know.

We have the answers and expose them on our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots.

Here’s why you need to take a look:

When Discover Card tells Christian Action Network that it cannot receive donations from cardholders, they are also telling the customer who they can donate to…and even what they can buy, based on their religious, political, or constitutional views.

What happens when Discover Card (or any other credit card company, for that matter) doesn’t want you to buy a gun?

It’s easy to see where all this is going.

Suppose the Snowflake Nazis target YOUR house of worship because they object to your pastor’s religious views on gay marriage or abortion. Will they convince Discover Card to deny donations to your church? Will they convince the church’s bank to kick them out?

We have a lot to say about this and a lot to expose.

Take a watch or listen on this episode of Shout Out Patriots.

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