AWED MEDIA BALANCED NEWSLETTER: We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

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— This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic —

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

My webpage ( with dozens of Science-based COVID-19 reports

*** World Council of Health: Early COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

*** COVID-19: What You Need To Know (Physicians for Informed Consent)

*** If you have received a COVID-19 injection, here’s how to Detox

COVID-19 — Therapies:

*** Two New COVID-19 Treatments, in Perspective

*** Short video: Nurse’s powerful commentary at Senate COVID-19 Hearings

*** The Scientific Misconduct Story Behind Ivermectin

*** The Global Disinformation Campaign to Suppress the Evidence of Efficacy of Ivermectin

Short video: Dr. Pierre Kory: The War on Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Other Cheap Drugs to Treat COVID-19

Physician Challenges Medical Board’s Misinformation Allegation

Nebraska allows Doctors to prescribe Ivermectin or HCQ for COVID-19

India Government Declares Most Populated State Officially COVID Free After Widespread Use of Ivermectin

How the Media Lied about Japan using Ivermectin for COVID-19

COVID-19 — Injections:

*** Senator Johnson’s Letter to DOD re Reported Vaccine Adverse Outcomes

*** Study Compares Innate Immune Suppression to mRNA Vaccinations

*** 1000 Peer Reviewed Studies Questioning Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

*** Cancers coming back with a vengeance is very common after the COVID injection

China Has Not Administered a Single mRNA Vaccine to any of its 1.45 Billion Citizens

How COVID Shots Suppress Your Immune System

Pharma Liability Shields Could Be at Risk if Fraud is Found

Researchers Explain the Nanotechnology Found in Covid Injections

Technocrat Vaccinators Have No Intention To Stop Vaccinating

Pfizer Quietly Adds Language Warning That ‘Unfavorable Pre-Clinical, Clinical Or Safety Data’ May Impact Business

COVID-19 — Injection Mandates:

*** Defeat the Mandate Rally DC HD Full Video

*** The High Cost of Disparaging Natural Immunity to COVID-19

Canadian Truckers press conference

Canadian Truckers Unite Against Marxist State Policy

Video: The Last to Leave Ottawa? Romanian Trucker Speaks Out!

Study: Risk of myocarditis following sequential COVID-19 vaccinations

Video: Dispelling the Myth of a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

COVID-19 — Masks:

*** Studies Have Yet to Show Face Masks Protect Public from COVID-19

*** Mask studies reach a new scientific low point

New York eases COVID-19 mask rules, Massachusetts to drop school mask mandate

Canada province lifts all Covid restrictions amid protests

Illinois Court Halts Mask and Vaccine/Testing Rules for Schools Across the State!

New Jersey joins U.S. states ending school mask mandates as Omicron ebbs

Mask-Optional Schools Hit with Suspiciously Identical Suits Alleging ADA Violations

Biden’s Mask Mandate War on We The People

As CDC Holds the Line, Doctors Debate Lifting School Mask Mandates

COVID-19 — Children:

*** Pfizer pulls plans to have COVID vax for kids under 5 approved this month

*** The CDC’s Flawed Case for Wearing Masks in School

*** New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut announced Monday they will end their mask mandates for students and teachers

CDC Data: Nearly 35,000 Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 5- to 17-Year-Olds

NC Commission for Public Health taps brakes on children COVID vaccinations

Stop FDA Approval of Pfizer Shots for Kids 6 Months to 4 Years

Pfizer vaccine for infants and children under five: 5 facts you need to know

Face masks disrupt holistic processing and face perception in school-age children

COVID-19 — Models and Data:

*** Short video: Relative vs Absolute Risk Reduction

*** A Meta-Analysis of the effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality

*** Let’s Look At All Cause Deaths Again

The Nefarious Goal Behind COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Death Data from States Called into Question

mRNA Jab Deaths And Injuries Are Soaring In Europe

Unvaccinated vs. Boostered: What the COVID Death Toll From Israel Reveals

Omicron Subvariant 1.5 Times More Contagious Than Omicron

COVID-19 — Surety Bonds:

*** How to Use Bonds to Get Your Child’s School District to Drop Mask Requirements and COVID Policies

Video: The School District’s Worst Nightmare — Losing their Bond

Website: Bonds for the Win

Webpage: State Codes

Webpage: Federal Violations


COVID-19 — The End Is In Sight:

12 Countries Roll Back COVID Restrictions

The Lancet surrenders and declares COVID pandemic is almost over

Crumbling Narrative: Now Sweden Ends Virus Restrictions

COVID-19 — Misc:

*** Here is a list of top US COVID misinformation spreaders

*** Does watching the news actually make us stupider?

*** Scientists speak out on being silenced when raising concerns about coronavirus lab leak theory

*** The Most Comprehensive List of U.S Lawsuits on COVID Vaccines, Mandates and Treatments

Video: Mass Psychosis – How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill

Video: Tucker Carlson interviews Dr Robert Malone

Video: Canadian Doctors Hold COVID Press Conference

Dr. Lee Ritz’ message to other physicians

Quotes from the doctors who actually do know best

Fauci’s gain-of-function conspiracy…

New Zealand’s Euthanasia Bill For “Severely Hospitalized” COVID Patients

Opening Session of the Grand Jury Proceeding the Court of Public Opinion Day 1

Revenge of the Covid Moms

Doctor Destroys Treasonous Medical Agencies Saying They’re Complicit in Genocide

Greed Energy Economics:

*** Cost and Reliability Implications of the Virginia Clean Economy Act

*** The high cost of the Virginia Clean Economy Act

Upstate Economy at Risk Under NYC Renewable Energy Plan

Virginia and Climate Change – Separating fact from fiction

High Electricity Prices Are Unavoidable with Solar and Wind!

Wind Energy:

*** Green energy cannot save us

Worthless Wind & Solar: Once Again Output Totally Collapses During Freezing Weather

Virginia Taking An Overdue Hard Look at Green Energy Scams

Turbine ‘torture’ for Greek islanders as wind turbines proliferate

Ohio residents challenge first-of-its kind wind farm on Lake Erie

The Sierra Club Loves Wind Turbines, Not Whales

Solar Energy:

*** Report: Solar Energy and the Threat to Food Security

Maine official warns community solar projects might not be as ‘clean’ as they suggest

Overwhelmed by Solar Projects, the Nation’s Largest Grid Operator Seeks a Two-Year Pause on Approvals

Tesla supply chain issues now extend to solar roof, stops scheduling new installation

California’s Solar-Power Welfare State

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets a Sunburn

Homeowner calls utility on huge $1,247 bill — finds it maybe due to solar

Nuclear Energy:

*** Why nations are backing Nuclear and Gas

*** France announces a major buildup of its nuclear power program

*** TVA Unveils Major New Nuclear Program, First SMR

*** Fusion facility sets a new world energy record

Archives: Nuclear Cognition

Fossil Fuel Energy:

*** How Russia and green activists killed shale gas and paved the way for Putin’s energy war

*** Biden is disconnected from American’s reliance on fossil fuels

A Russia-Ukraine war would mean global energy shock

EU Unveils Controversial Green Label for Gas and Nuclear

Pennsylvania sent more electricity to neighboring states than any other state in 2020

Pennsylvania Power Plant Closures Would Cause Real Harm for Illusory Environmental Gains

Misc Energy:

*** Energy is the most important issue in the world

*** Electric power reforms gain ground in Virginia

There’s a big supply problem in New York’s energy plan

How Green Energy Fantasies Can Amplify Civil Unrest

Wall Street’s Green Push Exposes New Conflicts of Interest

Are electric cars the new ‘diesel scandal’ waiting to happen? They generate polluting particles just like petrol vehicles, are not even that cost-effective…

Biden Looking to Spend $5 Billion on Charging Stations For Electric Cars

Suspend the Gas Tax, They Cried

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:

*** Climate Scientists Encounter Limits of Computer Models, Bedeviling Policy

*** Short video: Dr Vernon Coleman – It’s Past the Time to be Terrified!

*** Short Video: Jordan Peterson Criticizes Climate Change Types

Lomborg: Facebook, Tech Giants Censor Inconvenient Facts About Climate Change

New Study: Worst-Case Climate Change Scenarios Are Highly Implausible

Study: A critical assessment of extreme events trends in times of global warming

Recent changes in Antarctic sea ice are unique since early 20th century

How “Climate Actions” Actually Kill People, Not Save Them

Climate Action in New York Is Nothing But Virtue Signaling

Delaware Climate Plan misses on facts and policy path

The Dairy Cow Manure Gold Rush

Climate Act Coverup of Real Numbers Underway in NY State

Manmade Global Warming — Misc:

*** Judge blocks key Biden climate metric — Social Cost of Carbon

*** Environmentalists Pose a Bigger Obstacle to Effective Climate Policy than Denialists

*** Short Levin Video: This Is the Death of Science

Solar Update

Coming soon: Climate lockdowns?

The U.S. Just Took a Step Closer to a Legal Climate Standard

Let’s shoot the groundhog, warm the planet and eradicate winter

Short video: Escaping Climate Change

Video: The Causes of Climate Change, Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions…

Virginia Withdrawing From The Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

US Election: (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

*** Democrats’ hypocrisy on election security exposed

*** It’s time for Dems to accept that GOP voting reforms won’t hinder ballot access

Democrats want to pass a skinnier Build Back Better, but Manchin seems more interested in tackling election reform first

Dinesh D’Souza releases explosive footage of 2020 election ‘mules’

House Passage of COMPETES Act Emboldens Congressional Candidates for Midterm Elections

US Election — Pennsylvania Issues:

*** Broken but Fixable: The Deep Corruption and Disregard for the Rule of Law in the 2020 Pennsylvania Elections

40% Of Pennsylvania Ballots In The 2020 Election Were Unconstitutional

PA Court Strikes Down Unconstitutional Mail-In Voting Practices

Dems miscount votes in Pa. Senate endorsement meeting

US Election — Other State Issues:

*** States Have the Power to Restore Faith in Our Electoral System – Will They Use It?

*** A worthy proposed update to Florida’s election laws

DeSantis is right: A state election crimes agency will make elections more secure

Virginia Senate passes bill to clear dead people from voter rolls every week

North Carolina Agrees to Release Records Showing Foreigners Voted

NC Board Asserts Right to Disqualify Madison Cawthorn as an “Insurrectionist”

Midterm elections: GOP redistricting setbacks prompt lawsuits, gerrymandering accusations

Fighting the Good Fight for Election Integrity in Franklin, Tennessee

Memphis Black Lives Matter Founder Sentenced to 6 Years for Illegally Voting

Black voters sue NYC over noncitizen voting, claim it violates civil rights law

Is Democracy Down for the Count in New York?

Wisconsin Supreme Court allows lower court’s ban on the use of ballot drop boxes for April election

Citizens Defending Their Rights:

*** Homeland Security: Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland

*** Video: The Enemy’s Censorship Plan Exposed

*** Biden Admin Officially Targets Free Speech As Domestic Terrorism

Cawthorn Challenge Raises the Question: Who Is an ‘Insurrectionist’?

Why Canada’s truckers will lose

Don’t believe what Canadian media tells you about the Freedom Convoy

More Protests on the Way Unless Cancel Culture Ends

US Politics and Socialism:

*** What Should We Do About Critical Race Theory?

*** Report: Combating Big Tech’s Totalitarianism — A Road Map

*** The Biden’s Administration’s First Year in Review

*** Short Video: Illegals Dropped Off In Florida

The Guardians in Retreat

Is Tulsi Gabbard the GOP’s Dark Horse?

Making Sense of the Insane Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (S.673)

Time to Rethink the Fed

Does the Fourteenth Amendment Destroy Federalism?

John Stossel: Inflation

Other US Politics and Related:

*** Why Ideology Is the Ancient Enemy of Civilization

*** How Empires Die

*** Short Video: Exposing the Truth Through Film in an Era of Falsehoods

*** Hanson: Russian Appeasement Was a Left-Wing Monopoly

Hunter Biden and associates received 2019 subpoena over business deals in China

Three reasons why America must defend Ukraine from a Russian invasion

Americans Can’t Afford a Central Banker Who Wants to Bend the Rules, Bankrupt Industries, and Kill American Jobs

Republican National Committee overwhelmingly votes to censure Cheney, Kinzinger

Chris Wallace, Jonah Goldberg, CNN, Jeff Zucker and Moral Clarity

Religion Related:

*** Video: Is Government the New God? – The Religion of Totalitarianism

Finland Puts the Bible on Trial

The Real Cause Behind the Rise in Crime

Short video: Aliens, the Multiverse, or God? — Science and God

Short video: Are Religion and Science in Conflict? — Science and God

Education Related:

Cheaters Never Prosper—Or Do They?

Racially Sensitive ‘Restorative’ School Discipline Isn’t Behaving Very Well

The Post-Truth Classroom

Science and Misc Matters:

*** How the World Really Works: A Scientist’s Guide to Our Past, Present and Future

Technocracy’s ‘Science Of Social Engineering’: MindSpace, Trance Warfare And Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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