VIDEO: The Sinister Plot for Doctors to Rule the World

Here’s this week’s Shout Out Patriots Show: The sinister plot for doctors to rule the world!

The one thing liberals have perfected is to cloak evil in sheep’s clothing.

During the past two years, cities, counties and states have begun issuing proclamations declaring that ‘Racism is a Public Health Crisis.’ More than 200 such proclamations have been published so far, with some claiming the situation is so dire it’s an emergency.

But underneath this sinister cloak to help “Black and indigenous people of color,” the ultimate goal is for doctors to rule the world.

Sound far-fetched?

How can that be when we are STILL witnessing doctors using the Covid pandemic to control who we see, where we eat, where we go, what medicine we can take, what passports we must possess, and what jobs we can keep?

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots, we explain how the medical profession plans to use ‘Racism as a Public Health Crisis’ to ‘rewire’ society. (Rewire? What they really mean to restructure and control society!)

First, their goal is to have government agencies declare racism a public health crisis.

The second is to tie racism into virtually every illness suffered by blacks and people of color – diabetes, obesity, asthma, heart disease, and more.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Read this from the American Medical Association as it explains that illnesses suffered by blacks and people of color should no longer be attributed to biology but to racism:

“The AMA is committed to pushing for a shift in thinking from race as a biological risk factor to a deeper understanding of racism as a determinant of health.”

Get it? Blacks and people of color get sick because of racism, not flu bugs, not risky health behavior, not biology.

The third is to offer the cure. As we report in this episode of Shout Out Patriots, doctors are calling for a ‘rewiring’ of society.

That would mean requiring employees to be subjected to anti-racist training, which is already happening in some cities and states.

That would also mean making demands for changes in housing, employment, and other ‘race-based corrections,’ as the AMA reports.

‘It’s going to require proactive action,’ says Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public health Association.

It’s also going to require putting un-elected doctors, lots of them, doctors like Anthony Fauci, in control of our lives.

Download or stream our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots to learn what we think about this plan to put doctors in control of the world. (For a better listening and viewing experience, download the episode to avoid buffering delays)

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