PODCAST: Christian Student’s Private Text Message Gets Him Suspended

Watch as David and his attorney expose all the school’s hypocrisy in this episode of Shout Out Patriots.​

The only thing more upsetting than the suspension of David Stout Jr. at Plainwell High School for expressing his biblical views on homosexuality is how little attention this story has received!

Personally, I admire the courage of David and his legal team for fighting back against the Michigan school located just 30-minutes outside Grand Rapids. But I have so say, even the Christian community seems to be ignoring this important story.

David Stout Jr. was given a 3-day suspension after responding to a fellow student’s text message inquiring about his biblical views on homosexuality.

David wrote that the Bible teaches homosexual conduct is a sin.

That private text message (which was sent off school property) somehow ended up in the hands of school officials.

David was later cited with violating the school’s “Bullying/Cyberbullying/Harassment” policy.

David was also accused of “stealing other’s happiness” due to his Christian views.

With so little media attention given to this unquestionable violation of David’s free speech and religious freedom rights, I invited David and his lawyer to tell this story to our Shout Out Patriots’ audience.

I hope and pray you find the time to watch or listen.

You’ll probably learn about a few surprising school policies, such as “self-reporting.”

At one point, David heard a classmate tell an offensive homosexual joke. When he didn’t try to stop or prevent it, he should have “self-reported” himself to school officials. Not doing so, meant more trouble for him!

Apparently, students must now become Speech Monitors. If they hear something that would offend the LGBTQ community, for example, they should be proactive and stop it or else have that inaction be considered as an anti-gay.

David Jr. was reprimanded by the school’s vice-principal, Deb Beals, for failing to self-report and he was told “whatever you allow, is what your support.”

The school policy is meant to force students into becoming advocates for the LGBT movement and other progressive, woke ideologies…under the pain of suspension and being called a bully on your school record.

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