TAKE ACTION: Join Defend Florida’s ROAR Project

Defend Florida is putting together a Rapid Response Team in order to facilitate a mass movement of Floridians who will contact their government officials in order to make our voices heard and force our lawmakers, bureaucrats, and others to do their job and secure Florida’s elections now.

Time is running out for our law makers in Tallahassee to pass meaningful election integrity reforms as the legislative 50 day cut of is March 1st, 2022. All bills must be finalized before that date.

We need leaders who will contact their elected officials within the next two weeks to apprise them of the issues our citizen volunteers have found throughout the state and offer solutions which they must implement before campaign season gets underway.

This is a sprint – meaning these actions need to take place in the next few days.

If we do not accomplish this together, the bill will likely be passed, provide great sound bytes but not do all of what is required to make our election process strong.

To receive scripts, Leave Behind for your legislator, list of your legislator and why this matters right now, please do the following 3 actions:

  1. Text ROAR to 91776
  2. Join our Clouthub group
  3. Watch the zoom training on Clouthub
  4. Join our Telegram channel.


  • Senate Bill 524 is being fast tracked through hearings.  Unfortunately, this Bill is missing many critical items.  
  • Your mission is to communicate this to the elected official in your area.  We have the list of elected officials for you to choose from.
  • We have the script for you to use when you call your elected official.
  • We have the language to overcome the expected resistance you will likely encounter.

Use one of the above so we can support you.

Thank you for your participation and work on the ROAR Project.

©Defend Florida. All rights reserved.


Here is the 1 pager for your use (STILL BEING FINALIZED)

Here is the call script: Here is the link to the Call Script.

The list of legislators is here: Put your name on the black column.

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