Islamic State urges Muslims in the U.S. to join ‘ISIS North America’

Emboldened by the weakness and wrongheadedness of Biden’s handlers, jihads are becoming more aggressive and confident everywhere.

ISIS Supporters in the United States Urged to Join ‘ISIS North America

by Bridget Johnson, Homeland Security Today, February 21, 2022:

A video posted online urges followers of the Islamic State to help form a province of the terror group in the United States called ISIS North America.

The video is dated “new 2022” in the first frame and was posted on a file-sharing site this month. It consists of simple white English-language writing on a black background, instead of being dressed up with images of ISIS battles or adherents as in many videos with higher production value associated with the terror group….

“To those who want to try,” it begins with an ISIS flag as a nasheed plays. “To my brothers following in the path of the Khilafa in America I urge you to come join our group.”

“This new group will operate in the United States to surprise the murtad in their own lands,” the video continues. The wording suggests that the group intends to target Muslims seen as turning their back on ISIS’ interpretation of Islam — how the terror group defines apostasy — instead of the general population, referred to as kuffar or disbelievers.

“The name of this group will be named ISIS-NA (Islamic State of Iraq & Sham – North America),” the video states. It then shows imaginings of the Nevada and California flags as “Flag of Tawheed” — the concept of oneness in Islam and why ISIS followers make the hand gesture of raising a single index finger….

“Do not send this video anywhere else as this will alert the kuffar. Do not join if you aren’t commited [sic] to our organization and do not join to make jokes, we will trace every keylog you make if you do this,” it continues.

“My dear brother or sister, may Allah grant you good health and happiness for watching this video. Spread the word about this organization to those who are trustful but be careful with doing so,” the video cautions. “May Allah grant this organization with success and may Allah grant us Jannah [paradise].”…


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