Putin Threatens Retribution if America Intervenes in Ukraine Invasion

The world has changed, literally overnight.

Vladimir Putin has ordered a massive invasion of Ukraine, the likes of which the world has not seen since World War II.

There are a number of possible reasons for the attack, and it is likely the way the United States exited Afghanistan emboldened our enemies, including, of course, Vladimir Putin.

Our departure from Afghanistan was an utter disaster that saw the U.S. military withdraw before billions of dollars in weapons could be removed. Large numbers of Americans and those who assisted U.S. forces in Afghanistan were left behind to fend for themselves and an estimated five thousand terrorists were simply permitted to go free while the Taliban was able to seize control of the entire country, turning Afghanistan into a base of operations for ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations.

The debacle in Afghanistan, coupled with Biden’s insane immigration policies, violate recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and have left America and Americans vulnerable to the threat of terrorism.

This threat to our nation was the predication for my articles, Biden’s Catastrophic Policies: Immigration and Afghanistan and Biden’s Afghanistan Catastrophe Increases Terror Threat in US.

However, since taking office, Biden’s immigration policies have created a human tsunami that has flooded the U.S. with illegal aliens from virtually every continent, except perhaps Antarctica.

On February 24 the Associated Press published an article that began with this paragraph:

Russian troops launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine on Thursday, as President Vladimir Putin cast aside international condemnation and sanctions and warned other countries that any attempt to interfere would lead to “consequences you have never seen.”

There are many potential ways Russia could inflict harm on America, including by sending saboteurs to the U.S. in much the same way that Nazi Germany did at the beginning of World War II.

The FBI’s official website posted a detailed accounting of that effort:

Shortly after midnight on the morning of June 13, 1942, four men landed on a beach near Amagansett, Long Island, New York from a German submarine, clad in German uniforms and bringing ashore enough explosives, primers, and incendiaries to support an expected two-year career in the sabotage of American defense-related production. On June 17, 1942, a similar group landed on Ponte Vedra Beach, near Jacksonville, Florida, equipped for a similar career in industrial disruption.

The purpose of the invasions was to strike a major blow for Germany by bringing the violence of war to our home ground through destruction of America’s ability to manufacture vital equipment and supplies and transport them to the battlegrounds of Europe; to strike fear into the American civilian population; and to diminish the resolve of the United States to overcome our enemies.

Concerns about the potential for enemy combatants to gain entry into the U.S. were behind the decision of the FDR administration to move the enforcement of our immigration laws from the Department of Labor to the Department of Justice, not unlike the way enforcement of immigration laws was moved to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the months following the terror attacks of 9/11.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration has effectively ordered “shields down” in a particularly perilous era and has taken other actions that leave America vulnerable to international terrorists, members of transnational gangs, and now potential enemy combatants and spies.

Having mentioned spies, it is important to consider a Fox News report published on February 23:

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it is ending its “China Initiative” program that was aimed at preventing spying by the Chinese Communist Party, and launching a new, “broader approach.”

The China Initiative was started in 2018 under the Trump administration to protect U.S. national security against Chinese spying on U.S. intellectual property and in academia. The DOJ website said it was aimed at “identifying and prosecuting those engaged in trade secret theft, hacking, and economic espionage,” as well as “protecting our critical infrastructure against external threats through foreign direct investment and supply chain compromises.”

That program is coming to an end. In its place, the DOJ is instituting a new “Strategy for Countering Nation-State Threats.”

Meanwhile, Iran, another ally of Russia, pushes on to complete nuclear weapons and has flooded thousands of members of Hezbollah into Latin America to work in close cooperation with human trafficking organizations that also smuggle vast quantities of deadly narcotics into the U.S., according to information provided at Congressional hearings.

It is entirely possible that Iran would be happy to carry out attacks in the U.S. at the behest of their Russian ally.

Consider a couple of my earlier articles published in 2018: Iran Threatens U.S. And Its Allies With “Drugs, Refugees, Bombs And Assassination” and Congressional Hearing: Iranian Sleeper Cells Threaten U.S.

The attack by Russia on Ukraine is as real as the casualties it is inflicting. The threats to America are no less real. The first priority for our leaders must be the protection of America and Americans.

America’s borders and immigration laws are our first and last lines of defense.

These obvious facts were a major theme of the 9/11 Commission report and findings. To this point, one of the reports that the 9/11 Commission staff produced was, “9/11 and Terrorist Travel – Staff Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.”

This report focused specifically on the ability of terrorists to travel around the world and ultimately embed themselves in the U.S. as they went about preparations to carry out deadly attacks.

The preface of this report begins with the following paragraph:

It is perhaps obvious to state that terrorists cannot plan and carry out attacks in the United States if they are unable to enter the country. Yet prior to September 11, while there were efforts to enhance border security, no agency of the U.S. government thought of border security as a tool in the counterterrorism arsenal. Indeed, even after 19 hijackers demonstrated the relative ease of obtaining a U.S. visa and gaining admission into the United States, border security still is not considered a cornerstone of national security policy. We believe, for reasons we discuss in the following pages, that it must be made one.

Page 61 contained this passage:

Exploring the Link between Human Smugglers and Terrorists

In July 2001, the CIA warned of a possible link between human smugglers and terrorist groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and Egyptian Islamic Jihad.149 Indeed, there is evidence to suggest that since 1999 human smugglers have facilitated the travel of terrorists associated with more than a dozen extremist groups.150 With their global reach and connections to fraudulent document vendors and corrupt government officials, human smugglers clearly have the “credentials” necessary to aid terrorist travel.

This paragraph is found on page 98 under the title “Immigration Benefits”:

Terrorists in the 1990s, as well as the September 11 hijackers, needed to find a way to stay in or embed themselves in the United States if their operational plans were to come to fruition. As already discussed, this could be accomplished legally by marrying an American citizen, achieving temporary worker status, or applying for asylum after entering. In many cases, the act of filing for an immigration benefit sufficed to permit the alien to remain in the country until the petition was adjudicated. Terrorists were free to conduct surveillance, coordinate operations, obtain and receive funding, go to school and learn English, make contacts in the United States, acquire necessary materials, and execute an attack.

The clock is ticking and time is not on our side. It is time for the Biden administration to act immediately and decisively to fulfill its primary responsibilities to protect America and Americans in an extremely dangerous and precarious era.

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