Thailand has Paid Out $45 Million to Victims of Covid Vaccines, Why Don’t Americans Have the Same Right?

Day by day we are learning of the negative effects of Covid vaccines. We have reported on it here, here, here and here. Covid kills, Covid vaccines kill and maimed tens of thousands in America including the death of a 3-year old girl who died of a heart attack after getting jabbed. We now know that nine in 10 COVID deaths are in vaccinated people.

We have now lost more American millennials due to the jab than we did in the Vietnam War.

The Jab is a war against the American people and so why are we holding drug companies harmless?

It’s time for Biden, Congress, the CDC and NIH to give Americans harmed by the vaccines the right to sue. It is important that pharmaceutical companies be held accountable for killing and maiming American citizens.

Democrats love to talk about human rights. Well isn’t it a human right to seek restitution for harm caused upon we the people by companies like Pfizer? Isn’t our government supposed to protect us not companies? Time to call the White House and your members of Congress. Tell them to lift the ban on suing drug companies that are killing and maiming our people.

Country pays out $45 million to victims of COVID vaccines

Nearly 16,000 claims so far of injury from shot

By Art Moore
Published March 14, 2022 at 8:13pm

The government of Thailand has paid more than $45 million as compensation to people who developed illnesses and injuries after receiving COVID=19 vaccine shots.

So far, 12,714 people have received the compensation, the Phenom Penh Post reported.

Thailand’s National Health Security Office said last week that from May 19, 2021, to March 8, 2022, a total of 15,933 people had filed complaints of negative reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

The NHSO rejected 2,328 complaints after the agency ruled that the side-effects were not related to the vaccinations.

Of the rejected cases, 875 complainants are under appeal and 891 cases are pending consideration.

Over the weekend, WND reported data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show the Millennial generation suffered a “Vietnam War event,” with more than 61,000 excess deaths in that age group in the second half of 2021, according to an analysis by a former Wall Street executive who made a career of crunching numbers to make big-dollar investment decisions.

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