Joe Biden Hates America and He’s Trying to Destroy It

Joe Biden hates America and he’s trying to destroy it.  Show me I’m wrong.

Border agents apprehended 193 illegal aliens in recent days in three separate smuggling attempts in Texas.  This follows news almost 165,000 illegal aliens were apprehended at the border in February, the most in any February ever and up 63 percent from a year ago.  An estimated 170,000 illegal aliens are poised to jump the border when instant COVID expulsions end.

Those are the facts, but the Biden administration doesn’t want you to know what’s going on at the border.  For example, 63 percent fewer illegal alien criminals were deported last year, and 46 percent fewer deportation detainers were issued, but that’s not public knowledge.  ICE calculated these numbers but did not release them publicly.  In addition, ICE was supposed to release fiscal year-end immigration numbers last September 30th, but the report remains hidden, drawing the ire of lawmakers.  Friday, we were treated to the spectacle of border agents arresting and handcuffing journalists at gunpoint as they were attempting to film illegal border crossings for a TV show.  So much for your right to know.

The Biden administration would also rather you not know about the consequences of its open borders policies.  The record number of overdose deaths we are seeing is directly attributable to fentanyl and opioids pouring across the border, a border  which Biden’s policies has left in control of the drug cartels.

Another consequence is crime. High-end homes around the country are being robbed by criminals from South America who get here by exploiting a visa waiver program, in what’s being called “criminal tourism”. These gangs have struck multi-million dollar homes in San Francisco, Indianapolis, and the D.C. suburbs of Virginia.

Joe Biden’s open borders policies also threaten national security. A suspected Islamic terrorist on an FBI watch list swam the Rio Grande into Texas in November, then was released into the United States on his own recognizance.  House Democrats won’t allow hearings on the incident.  Meanwhile, concerns are growing the U.S. has let suspected Afghan terrorists into the country as refugees after the fall of Afghanistan by not vetting them properly.  It is likely there were terrorists released from prison in Afghanistan who made it onto flights to the U.S., thanks to Joe Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from the country.  An Inspector General report found that 50 Afghan evacuees with “potentially significant security concerns” were brought to the U.S. and, further, that the whereabouts of 28 Afghan refugees with “derogatory information” in their files are unknown.  Senator Ron Johnson called the Biden administrations claims that it could vet Afghan refugees properly a “lie”.

Maybe you’re one of those sick people who hate America and is trying to destroy it. In which case you like Biden opening the borders and not telling the American people the truth about the situation.  You can give us any phony excuse you want – diversity, inclusion, blah, blah, blah. But for the rest of us, who are of all stripes, Biden’s open borders policies are a disaster measured in lawlessness, overdose deaths, crime, and terrorism threats that cannot be reversed too soon.

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    TOM SHOUP says:

    biden is scum wake up usa why the hell would you vote for a senile old communist you dem voters must have lost your minds what the hell is wrong with you dum shits


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