The Courage to Speak about Islam

Many Americans these days believe that China is the number one threat to their country. China is the “factory” of the world. They produce so many things. And they have imperialistic policies not restrained by ethics. But are they really the biggest threat in the world? Is there a lot of violence against Americans because people follow Buddhism, Confucianism or Taoism? Or because of crazy Maoists? I seriously doubt that.

Americans are under threat of Islam. In the name of Islam, Allah, “prophet” Muhammad, Americans are being killed for no other reason than that they are infidels.

In my country the biggest threat is also Islam. There is one politician who has the courage to speak the truth about this matter. His name is Geert Wilders. Before him there was another Dutch politician who spoke candidly about Islam, and was murdered for that. His name was Pim Fortuyn.

Islam is growing in America. There is mass immigration of Muslims from Africa and the Middle East to your part of the world. Millions of people who believe in the laws of Islam. A law of Islam is that you have to wage war against unbelievers. Another law is that you have to kill homosexuals. Another law is that if you leave Islam, you must be killed. And there are thousands of other laws in Islam that are in grave conflict with your Constitution and with your values.

In America there is currently not a single famous American politician who wants to discuss honestly Islam. Even the most hardcore defenders of you liberties, the most patriotic conservatives, lack the courage to name Islam a threat. They don’t want to dig into the subject and hide themselves behind arguments such as that there is freedom of religion, that they don’t care what people worship, or even the lie that Islam is peaceful et cetera.

I never heard one word of truth about Islam from Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, DeSantis. Did you? They are Christians, nothing in their faith prohibits them from warning their people against a false prophecy..

Your country has two learned scholars on all matters Islam, and Islamic Law (Shariah). Their names are Robert Spencer and Dr. Bill Warner. Surely any potential candidate for the White House should take counsel from them!

Personally, I think China is not even the second largest threat to America. The second largest threat is your internal national disease called Woke. Woke will prevent you from dealing with any important political issue. It lames your politicians.

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