RED ALERT: Why is the Iran deal a bad deal? And what you can do to stop it!

In this edition of the JerusalemConnection I explain the intricacies of the Iran nuclear deal, why it is bad for Israel (including all its inhabitants, Jews, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Druze…) and why Israel’s neighbors—moderate Sunni states—also oppose the deal. Also discover how other current world events are related to this deal being largely ignored by U.S. Mainstream Press.

Israel is under an existential threat by the current leadership of Iran. Iran makes no effort to hide their contempt for Israel. Iran also uses proxy groups throughout the Middle East to terrorize the modern state of Israel and its inhabitants. The Mullahs of Iran call Israel the “Little Satan” (and they call American the “Big Satan”). So why is the current US Administration so dedicated to give a Nuclear Deal (and US Dollars) to an Iranian regime bent on destruction? What do Israelis think of this Deal? What do the neighbors of Israel think of this deal? What, if anything, can YOU do to stop it? Join us this week as we discuss this timely and pressing issue with Barry Shaw of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. Click Here to find Congressional Representatives and exercise your voice in our democracy to oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal currently being negotiated.



Time is of the essence that each American who wants to preserve stability in the Middle East and who is committed to safety in the Middle East contacts their Representatives and voices opposition to this deal.

Urge your Representatives to oppose the Deal.

Barry Shaw. All rights reserved.

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