Wisconsin school district says parents ‘not entitled’ to know child’s sexuality

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Any parent who delivers their child in the claws of a government school is ….. unfit.

WI school district says parents ‘not entitled’ to know child’s sexuality, pushes ‘heterosexual privilege’ list

District’s push for ‘gender-nonconforming’ accommodations has irked parents and educators

By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi | Fox News March 22, 2022;

A school district in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has become the center of a parent-teacher firestorm after leaked documents revealed instructors told parents they must “earn” the right to know their children’s sexual identity, and showed the school pushed a “heterosexual privilege” checklist.

The district’s aggressive push for “gender-nonconforming” accommodations has irked parents and educators who say the school’s training and policy changes surrounding the issue have gone too far.

“The actions of the Eau Claire Area School District are not only dangerous to the mental, emotional and physical health of its students, but they also violate the constitutional rights of parents to make choices about their family life and upbringing of their children,” said Ian Prior, senior adviser at America First Legal and creator of the Fight for Schools PAC.

Of particular scorn in the district’s guidance was a slide stating, “Some transgender, non-binary, and/or gender-nonconforming students are not ‘open’ at home for reasons that may include safety concerns or lack of acceptance. School personnel should speak with the student first before discussing a student’s gender nonconformity or transgender status with the student’s parent/guardian.”

Groups of parents expressed outrage at the notion they had to earn access to their children’s information.

“Remember, parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned,” a training slideshow for the Eau Claire School District told school staff.

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