Baltimore parents sue city after student graduates high school not being able to read

Shocking number of students have failing GPAs 

Every parent has a God-given right to protect their child or children from ALL harm; malicious or accidental, neglectful or pathologically over indulgent, especially from outside sources intent to erase the child’s family morals, values and heritage. This moral obligation extends to a system hell-bent on erasing solid educational values from which the child will have a chance to prosper and make good in society. The educational system across America is broken…deliberately broken, no longer caring whether or not a child can read, write, spell or critically think for that matter. Instead, a sordid spirit to cause deafness to values and solid learning promoting, instead, a dumbness where the child has few choices later in life but to serve in very menial tasks assigned by the state.

The past two years of asinine mandates and contradictions by schools demonstrate the all-consuming power of the state versus the historically moral responsible role of the parent in a child’s development. Terribly slowly parents are awakening. The old adage to NEVER come between a mom and her kids, never make a mom mad over legitimate issues concerning her children is true since time immortal. “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no body happy” still has a most clear and legitimate cautionary tone which one should notice. Unless, of course, you are the state and have become so self-serving you notice little other than how your agenda is playing out.

Well…moms in San Francisco had enough of the destructive shenanigans the school board in that once prospering and thriving city compiled, so it was moms that led the charge to recall three school board members for their gross neglect of children’s sound education, and replacing such with social and political experimentation and indoctrination. Other communities are awakening to moms thoroughly unhappy with the plight of their children being thrown upon society from an educational system severely compromised by radical personal values realignment and plain Marxist indoctrination. Children no longer learn reading, writing and arithmetic but learn they can become the opposite sex to that which they were born.


Parents in Baltimore filed a legal action against the school system for failing to perform their duty; failing to properly prepare the children under their care to become productive members of society. The article below should become a rallying cry for moms to step-up and become the protective agent their children desperately need now before all hope is lost, and the students of today become the servants of the all-encompassing state tomorrow.

Baltimore parents sue city after student graduates high school not being able to read; shocking number of students have failing GPAs

Two parents in Baltimore, Maryland, have filed a lawsuit against their city and its school district in response to shocking reports about the progressive city’s abject failure to educate children.

Earlier this year, local news outlet WBFF-TV highlighted the story of a woman who graduated from the Baltimore City Public Schools system without being able to read. The outlet also found a whopping 77% of high schoolers at one area high school were reading at an elementary level. Another report discovered that in the past year, 41% of BCPS high school students earned below a 1.0 grade point average.

“This is terrible,” Jovani Patterson said at the time after hearing about the reports. “This is just further perpetuating a cycle of poverty, of despair.”

Around that same time, Patterson and his wife Shawnda decided to take legal action against the local government. They felt like filing a lawsuit was the only way they could get the city’s attention.


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