Face to Face with Soviet Fascism

The world has been shocked by Putin’s war on Ukraine: it was unexpected and confusing. Only a few who knew Stalinism, his ideology of Soviet fascism and Vladimir Putin grasped the events. Russia is a Terrorist State.  To understand this war, knowledge of Russian history and her Intelligence is imperative. The world is captivated by this war, but not well informed. We have horrifying images and witnesses of slaughter of innocent civilians and ruthless devastation in Ukraine caused by the Russian Military. This war is beyond Ukraine and to absorb the world predicament you should know that Putin is a devoted disciple of Stalin/Andropov and their ideology of Soviet Fascism. Putin has known the top-secret Soviet Defense Council Decision of 1955 and been preparing this war for the last thirty years…

When I learned that Russia is bombing Vinnitsa and Zhitomir in Ukraine, I almost lost my conscience: Zhitomir is a birth place of my Mother and every year we had spent the summer in Vinnitsa, the location I met German fascism face to face in June 1941. It is hard to perceive that Ukraine, an epicenter of Europe is again a focus and target of land destruction, civilians’ murder, mass graves, and propaganda ploy. The number of refugees from Ukraine is threatening–the global catastrophe-calamity looming… That is the reason, I want to tell you about my heartbreaking meeting with Fascism:

I am a survivor of Nazis Fascism in WWII. You can read the story in my book: Baltic Winds testimony of a Soviet Attorney, XLIBRIS, 2002, pp. 335-340. I am also a survivor of Soviet Fascism living half of my life in Stalinist Russia. The Soviet people called Stalinist Soviet Socialism—Stalinism. I called Stalinism—Soviet Fascism and dedicated thirty years of my life to show how Russia is fighting the Truth, describing it in my books and columns. The ideological system of Soviet fascism is very well familiar to the modern world today—it is an endless KGB’s Operation Disinformation to divide and conquer. The Russian Military and the KGB Mafia/Army are intertwined and inextricably tied.

The Terrorist Countries of the “Axis of Evil”

I have been describing the Operation Disinformation, a form of warfare exercised by the KGB Mafia/Army for decades. In fact, it is a restrictive, corrupt, abusive, and lawless ideological system of Stalinist Socialism spread to North Korea, China, Cuba, Syria, Iran and Venezuela. All those countries act together and have a unified agenda—destruction of the West. The term Socialism is itself a deceptive twofold term: the implementation of Socialism has been done by the KGB Mafia/Army during the 20th and 21st centuries. Mentioned countries I named the “Axis of Evil” under Russia’s umbrella. Russia and China related by an umbilical cord of the ideology of Socialist/Communist, as both had been established by Stalin. The objective of the KGB Mafia/Army was and is to demolish the target from within. Though the Chairman Xi is a senior-partner, Stalinist agenda stays.

​The Russian war on Ukraine has been agreed and coordinated with China by the Russia/China energy deal. Donbas region is the official title of the territory, but Putin called it the Independent Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk—a pretext to have a Probable Cause to start the war. Donbas known to the world as a territory with an abundance of COAL Mines. By the Russia/China deal on coal, China will support Russia financially paying for the coal. The Russian decision to start the war on Ukraine was known to China in the beginning with their coal agreement. Disinformation is the blood-life of the ideology of Soviet Fascism. Both countries exercised it to deceive you and the fate of Taiwan depends on the events in Ukraine.

You can see every day Russian bombardment of peaceful cities in Ukraine and Putin’s lies about Ukrainian/Russian friendship. Let me give you a short description of the country’s capital. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine is an exceptionally important and noteworthy—the city was built in the First century as a symbol of Slavic Orthodox Faith. People of goodness had been occupying this city for ten centuries before Moscow was born. Kyiv is a museum under open sky: the Churches, historical artifacts, and many monuments in Kyiv are the precious symbols, testament-values of Western civilization. Their destruction proves Putin’s Soviet fascism relation to Ganging Khan—the heart of the “Axis of Evil.” Please, learn the Truth about Kyiv and Ukraine by reading my column: The KGB’s Roots and Pedigrees, Oct 19, 2017.

Evil Has Taken Over Our Nation

Yes, fascism never sleeps and it has come to America to divide and conquer. When President Joe Biden entered the White House in January 2021, he increased the social cost of carbon from $7 per ton of emissions to $51. This was part of his and the radical left Socialist agenda of “climate change” and “green new deal”— a unity against American capitalism. The actions were illegal. Biden’s executive order was challenged by 10 GOP states that argued that Biden didn’t have the authority to make that type of change. The court procedure took almost thirteen months and the price of oil has grown 40% in America, because the oil supply was deliberately shrunken—the capitalist law of supply and demand was broken. That gave Putin a direct upper hand and it has become cheaper to buy Russian oil than produce it. Biden has killed our American energy independence, sabotaging national security a year prior to Russian invasion! You are watching Biden’s demonization of Oil and Gas Industry today!

​President Zelenskyy is right appealing to Israel to stand up against Moscow as its aggressive war on Ukraine is similar to the Nazis WWII. Yes, it is similar in content, design, calculation and objective—fascism is fascism, it’s undermining the entire world’s stability! Watch the real face of Russian Military and their atrocities in Ukraine and you will be stunned by how history repeats itself eighty years after WWII…When people of Finland and Sweden want to join NATO, it says they have a good memory—the scenes in Ukraine of indiscriminate killing of children and women, destruction of the land, and mass-graves reminds them the Nazis crimes—Europe has woken up. It also reminds them of Vietnam and South Korea where the Soviet pilots participated in the killings of Americans, spreading Stalinist Soviet fascism: If it is impossible to have the whole country, then divide it and have a half. The same kind of war is going on in Ukraine today…

I purposely use the term the radical left. For decades I have been warning you about Socialist Charlatans, the term that explains further the linguistic form of warfare exercised by the KGB. Some of Socialist Charlatans are KGB members, some recruited by the KGB. It is Socialist, because they have the agenda to take over our Constitutional republic and implement Socialism in America: Charlatans, because they hide the real agenda by deceiving you. Alas, my intent has no effect. America continues using the term the radical left. By doing that we are helping Operation Disinformation to deceive us. The appropriate language is helping to perceive the Evil of Disinformation that destroys us from within. The radical left is a narrow and shallow term, it does not pinpoint the enemy’s ideological intent. The term Socialist Charlatans does just that, it’s capacious, illustrating how Socialist forces have battled capitalism, exposing the actions of our current administration…

Pay attention to the Biden administration, I am afraid that to save the Democrat Party vanishing off the face of the Earth for the treason its leadership has committed, Joe Biden adapted the Russian classic  Disinformation system and practiced it quite theatrically, reading and deceiving you. Watch Biden’s administration’s open borders policy and you will notice a constant usage of the Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceits, fabrications, and fraud. Listen to Brandon Judd, the president of the NBPC, exposing the management to legalized thousands migrants-foreign nationals. Don’t be surprised by the night flights and busing migrants to different states. Read my books and columns to learn the variety of fronts and locations battling capitalism and our functional democracy by the Democrats. They destroy our sovereignty. Remember: Control and Power is the agenda of the so-called Democrats…

On Biden’s foreign trip, an emergency session of NATO was supposed to produce a strong Public Declaration against Putin’s war in Ukraine, while describing the American mission. Instead, we had more questions than answers. We had a confusing Biden’s presentation with contradictions and mix-messages on “deterrence” and “sanctions”. Moreover, Biden showed hesitancy to answer the question of Russia using the VMD, but revealed some national security information. Don’t you feel Biden’s inability to run the country? Do you remember his answer about “minor insurgence” in Ukraine? “Biden’s cognitive decline is a national security risk.” Sen. Rand Paul. The Senator is right, but Biden’s staff knows that the world watches and they can’t play a war game. Help to Ukraine will be stressed to divert your attention from an un-American actions by the Dems leaders.

The WH comments correcting the President of the U.S. are quite strange— they show some inconsistency, a mismatch between words and actions, incompetence, and ideology. Who determines the foreign policy in the WH? I don’t trust the current WH. In my opinion, expressed in my several columns in August 2021, we are dealing with deep infiltration by the forces of the KGB Mafia/Army into the White House. Don’t believe the Democrats have no communication with Putin’s Russia, it is pure lies: Brothers Podesta of the Clinton Mafia had it for the last three decades. It means today Russia knows what has been sent to Ukraine, where and how. Check my column WARNING: Evil is Attacking America August 22, 2018.

​I am not alone warning you about the Clinton Mafia. “The Clintons, that’s a crime family,” declared former New York FBI chief James Kallistrom: The Clintons are a ‘crime family’: ex-FBI big By Daniel Halper and Bruce Golding October 30, 2016. Though China is the most visible military danger to the U.S. yet, Russia presents an existential threat to America, covertly destroying our republic from within. The first Manchurian President has left his legacy for the next two. You are witnessing that legacy today. I am also right to warn you about Stalinist ideology of Soviet Fascism. Poll: 71% of Americans have little confidence in Biden on war. Learn the Nazis Germany and Stalin’s Russia of the 1930th and you will recognize the events in America created and promoted by the Democrat Party today. Just watch Stalinist handwriting in Putin’s war strategy of violence and atrocities…

There is more. The ideology of Soviet fascism has certain patterns: the main actors profiteering, but don’t want to show their money. The Hunter Biden story comes back for a reason: the truth sooner or later will show up! The New York Times is proving it by the login of reality. Joe Biden is the recipient of all Hunter’s monetary foreign dealings. The FBI investigation of Hunter Biden money laundering and tax evasion can result in indictment. The question is why did the FBI sleep for three years? Who are the fifty-one representatives of the CIA lying and helping the FBI to cover up for Hunter? We will never find Putin’s name as the owner of the $700K yacht in Italy. The leaders of the countries under Soviet Fascism are using their families to cover up their money.

I am under the impression that the current WH doesn’t want Ukraine to win and Putin to lose. Biden’s deterrents failed in Ukraine—too little and too slow. I know this is true, because Biden had a long-term teamwork with Putin in Ukraine to kill democracy there. Describing Vice President and Hunter’s Burisma/Dealing, I called Biden’s family a Mafia/Clan then. I know when Biden changed his official policy and why. The Biden State of the Union speech on March 1, 2022, was prepared by his staff. But… the day prior to that, February 28, 2022, I published my column, describing Putin’s Soviet Fascism and shaming Biden for talking about “minor incursion” and the Democrat Party as an anti- American Socialist Party engaged in un-American behavior by buying oil from Socialist dictators. Biden’s staff monitors my computer and Biden changes his State of the Union speech…

All of that explains the WH reluctance to strongly emphasize and advocate help to Ukraine before March 1, 2022. There was disconnect in providing the weapons to Ukraine and I believe Zelenskyy, not our WH and DOJ. If Donbass is taken by Putin, Chairman Xi will have a lot of Coal and this is definitely not American interest. To revive the Iranian Deal is not an American interest either. Don’t forget, we are dealing with the “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella and Russia represents us in the Deal. Think about it. Russia is a Terrorist State. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a war against Western civilization, a moral test of our time. The Ukrainian people will fight to the last drop of their blood—they know Soviet Fascism…

The Major Achievements of the KGB Mafia/Army in America 

The best and shortest way to show the KGB Mafia/Army achievements in America is to list to the Americans what they don’t know about Russia:

  1. In 1955 the Soviet Defense Council under control of the KGB enacted the first formal and top-secret Soviet decision to launch a war against the Bourgeoisie and especially against American capitalists: “Soviet strategy for revolutionary war is a global strategy… narcotics strategy is a sub-component of this global strategy. …First was the increased training of leaders for the revolutionary movements—the civilian, military, and intelligence cadres.”

“The second step was the actual training of terrorists. Training for international terrorism actually began as ‘fighters for liberation’…The third step was international drug and narcotics trafficking. Drugs were incorporated into the revolutionary war strategy as a political and intelligence weapon to use against the bourgeois society and as a mechanism for recruiting agents of influence around the world.”

All of that has been described by me during the last thirty years, but to deprive you from reading the Truth, the FBI submitted my name to the FISA Court and the court made me a Foreign Agent in 2002. Since then, having probable cause, the FBI has banned my writings. Please, now translate the term “the mechanism for recruiting agents of influence around the world” into the 21st century and you will have the radical left that I called Socialist Charlatans. Today you know when and where the drugs are coming from and who Socialist Charlatans are.

  1. The familiar to you current terms “Mexican drug cartel” and “MS-13 international criminal gangs” had come from the same place and at the same time. Read my columns about the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 and Stalin’s participation in the war. After defeat, Stalin brought thousands of Spanish children to Russia. They lived in special dormitories under the KGB control and trained for many years. In the 1950-60s those Spanish-speaking individuals had been sent as agents of influence to Mexico and Central America. The picture should be familiar to you—Soviet fascism has very steady patterns and terms—Socialist Charlatans subverting countries and changing the world. We are dealing with the “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella today. The Caravans in our Southern border has been design and executed the same way “the Muslim Invasion” to Europe designed by Putin’s “Axis of Evil” in 2015.
  2. The attacks on 9/11 had been designed, calculated, and coordinated by the Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army in Russia. Twenty years after the events, we still don’t know the Truth, conveyed in all my books and columns. All those years we have been dealing with Putin not knowing that he is a terrorist. I hope the wonderful and peaceful city of Mariupol where people are spending their vacations will tell you the Truth you have missed for decades. Now you can see live TV illustrating the Evil and horror of Soviet Fascism—Putin’s regime in Russia. Mariupol is wiped off the face of the earth, the citizens are killed or fled. This territory is a center of gravity for Putin…
  3. The real American tragedy happened within the Democratic Party. Truman’s party has been infiltrated and turned to Socialist Party by the KGB Mafia/Army. I have been describing the details of that for thirty years. The America created by our Founding Fathers based on individualism, life, liberty, the Constitution and free enterprise of capitalism, is on the way to become a Socialist State. Our culture has drastically changed: it lacks the system of values, integrity, and backbone. The Americans have lost faith and trust to our school system, government, courts, and to the agencies that were supposed to protect and defend us. All America’s problems of 2022 derived from Russia/Democrats collusion lasting for decades.
  4. The media has lost its position as the fourth branch of the government. This has happened for the same reason mentioned above. Reading any of my books or columns, you will learn about the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov, a devoted disciple of Stalin and his definition of information. It was him designing to simultaneously infiltrate the American FBI, CIA, and the media by the KGB Mafia/Army. As you can see today, it has been done very successfully. Like Stalin was turning people into Ginny pigs, the KGB is experimenting the same on Americans. You will be disgusted to find out that BLM, Antifa, CRT, and LGBT are the crops of Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army, intentionally inflicted upon American minds. The January 6 Committee is also the KGB’s great achievement against their target– Republican Party. Read about George Stephanopoulos, assigned by Bill Clinton to transform our media.
  5. Coming to conclusion that Russia can’t win militarily, the Russian military creates chaos with the mines in Ukraine. It focuses now on the East and South of the country. If they can’t win militarily, I am afraid they can use the VMD. There are two Ukrainian nuclear powers, one in the North, Chernobyl, and the second in the South next to Mariupol. Putin’s main target is the Ukrainian people: To kill a lot of them Putin can use those nuclear powers. Fascism has learned to kill cheaper in the 21st Be ready, but don’t be afraid of Putin, he is a war criminal and his army is guilty of Genocide in Ukraine. A Nuremberg-like tribunal should punish war criminals and make Russia fully accountable for its atrocity. The International Tribunal must render a verdict to end the ideology of Soviet Fascism and expose and free the world from the “Axis of Evil.”
  6. Who is responsible for the treacherous behavior of the enemies of the American republic? The answer is simple: those who had a duty to defend and protect us: the FBI, CIA, and DOJ. I don’t trust all three. AG William Barr didn’t know Russia and her Intelligence. It has resulted in the years of Putin’s disinformation, which cost tons of human energy, trillions of dollars and finally Trump rigged the 2020 election. In my columns or books you can read in detail how the KGB Mafia/Army has infiltrated the Biden team and gradually was demolishing the American Constitutional republic, while implementing Soviet Style Socialism, which is in fact Soviet fascism.
  7. To grasp the scale of Disinformation policy used by both Presidents Biden and Putin, I will give you two documents. The column American Fascisti: Looking for Fascism in All the Wrong Places, by Dr. Rich Swier, March 10, 2022. The second is the statistics of the deep brainwashing over the American population. Please, learn it from Prime Time by Jesse Watters, March 29, 2022, Fox News. You will be stunned by the vast success of the KGB acting in concert with the Democrat Party. Their lies, deceit, cheating, and fraud seriously and deeply affected the American mentality. It is time to act and provide Americans with the reality of the Truth to save our Constitutional republic.

To be continued www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/ and at www.simonapipko1.com

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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