Open Letter to Governor DeSantis RE: Holocaust Survivor Guardianship Abuses

Dear Governor Ron DeSantis,

I pray you take the terrorized victimization, against our most Vulnerable Elders and Disabled in our State of Florida. Isolation, is not Governing a Free For All State, my own mother was a Victim of this mental, emotional terror, she was medically deprived, neglected, isolated I believe, Isolation is a Tactic used to hide  abuse, for exploitation. These Acts are Crimes Against Humanity, under our Constitution the Law of the Land and depleting our Inalterable rights, the International law. Our Rights, the right to live peacefully, to pursue freedom and Justice for “ALL”, the Rule of Law, the Constitution of the United States of America.

Gov. DeSantis, you suffered greatly, with our First Lady, Casey, her body being attacked by Cancer, you went leaps and bounds to help her. Sir, so are we the people! Who’s parents, and loved ones attacked by Human Crimes.

Gov. DeSantis, Mr. Katz,  my late Cuban Minority Mother, Lilia Martinez, was attacked by Guardianship Abuse. Her illness suffering from Alzheimer’s/ Dementia made her vulnerable and she was taken advantage off. Suffered Isolation 7 years, held captive inside a garage!  Negligent care, denied proper medical care, over dozed, died alone, “Mandated Supervision”. What would you do, in same situation as a Son?

Gov. DeSantis, Mr. Katz, suffered holocaust, Guardianship Abuse treated him same. My late mother suffered Cuba’s Dictatorship, dismantling families, isolation, hunger, crimes against humanity. My late mother, suffered same, through Guardianship Abuse. Ukraine people, are under attack, with a War of Guns, Bombs and Explosion. Getting them away from their homes, torture. All Guardianship Victims have suffered same, I call it the Cold Guardianship Internal War! Dismissing our Human Rights.

Mr. Katz, my mother, Lilia Martinez, Ms. Montanti, Mr. Martino, Mrs. Genie Dyrsey, Jan Garwood, Mr. Harder, Lynn Saylors, Mother, Tim Reeds Mother, to name a few have also suffered, same torture, a Cold War! Against Humanity, in the State of Florida. We have all been victimized, the Abusers, creating family disfunction, orchestrated lies, in order to Isolate, neglect, denied proper medical care, hunger, over dozed, in order to exploit the Estate, denied Due Process, under the Color of Law. Now how beneficial are these acts against humanity to our Vulnerable loved ones, and us, Son’s and Daughters fighting to protect our loved ones, our parents, is our God given Rights, and the Rule of Law. We have also been tortured, we were all raised, by ethical, strong parents, warriors, survivors of same Abuse,  and we all had to Study our Constitution and our Rights, in order to become Citizens.

Gov. DeSantis, I am Cuban, I voted for you, and I pray, Sir, you place yourself in our shoes and all Victims in the State of Florida, What if, this happened to the First Lady?” or your parents? and your own children watch these Crimes against humanity done to your loved one? Just like Cancer, Just like, Ukraine, Putin-like Abuse, Just like Castro, dismantling families, etc.  Just like the Holocaust! Mr. Katz did not deserve to suffer, again!  We are all hurt, by this emotional, mental torture!  I also hurt for the future victimization, done to all who do not deserve it. Jury Trials are the Law, Rule of Law, and “We the People Constitutional Rights, Freedom and Justice for “ALL” I pray for God to Guide you, End Abuse!


Marcie Friedman<

©Marcie Friedman. All rights reserved.

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