Bidens’ Stupidity on Gas Continues!

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare

Joe Biden, the usurper occupying, in my mind, the White House illegally, continues trying to pretend to be doing his best to get gas prices down. Remember, it’s an election year and he is about to get annihilated! Anyway. Trust me, everything he tries is just propaganda for the weak minded sheep out there who think the old man in his dotage is doing a good job!! None of it makes a real difference. It’s all charades. All a shell game where you gotta find the pea except there is no pea!

Let me explain.

First inflation and gas costs are not the sole fault of Putin or oil companies. His war is not helping but prices and inflation began their swift upward movement within hours of these leftists’ theft of our government and electoral system.

Secondly understand the gas prices we are seeing at the pumps are a direct result of this satanic administration and their energy policies on fossil fuels. They declared war on fossil fuels from the first moment they stole power. We all know, stopping drilling on federal land, no more permits, stopping construction of pipelines, putting so much red tape in front of lease holders to make it unprofitable. I could go on and on but my audience is smart and understands.

This administration sold its soul and our country to the extremists on the far left and have bought whole heartedly into the global warming lies. They say they are the party of science until science takes them in a different direction to their commie agenda. Then truthful science must be disregarded and mocked.

We see this by their choice to stop as much CLEAN production of oil here in my beloved United States of America and to buy oil from (a) our enemies and (b) from producers who will never produce oil as clean and safely as we do. Their lies and hypocrisy blow my mind as does the stupidity and ignorance of the sheep following them to the slaughter.

Let’s be honest here. If we had not made a big deal about us buying Russian fuel and therefore paying Russia’s military expansion tab in the Ukraine, we still would be. This administration is absolutely shameless. Then there is the Iranian deal they are trying to put together so as to get oil from Iran! By the way they are using China and Russia to negotiate that deal! You cannot make this stuff up.

Treason? You bet!

Oh. I forgot, they also want to buy oil from Venezuela and OPEC! All while we have enough right here for 100% of our needs plus a massive surplus we could export!

So, back to this administrations efforts to pretend they care!

That too is a lie.

They have authorized several releases of oil from our strategic reserves, oil that is there for emergencies, not to cover up terrible policy decisions in an election year. Thus they are damaging our national security – not that they care at all about that. The amounts amount to a tiny percentage of our daily use.

They have gone like the weak cowards they are on bended knees to OPEC begging them to increase production hoping that would bring the prices down. However, we were humiliated as a now weak nation multiple times as OPEC said no.

That wouldn’t have happened under Trump – in fact nothing we have seen the last 14 months or so would have happened under President Trump.

So. A brief resume of events so far before I come to their latest stupidity and lies. We have so much oil we can cleanly produce here that we cannot now obtain. We buy oil from our enemies that is produced without too much care about global warming and the pollution. We bought from Russia until the scandal came out. Now we want to buy oil from Iran, the worlds largest international sponsor of terrorism. Plus give them countless billions of dollars on top of that so they can become a nuclear armed state! Israel – look out, we are stabbing you in the back. Then we want to buy oil from Venezuela, a terrible socialist dictatorship that hates America. They will use those American Petro dollars to further keep their citizens down. Forcibly.

Everyone happy with those choices? I know I am not.

The latest scam is to allow ethanol fuel year round. This is fuel with a percentage of ethanol and sells for about 10c a gallon less. It is highly subsidized with tax payer money to the farmers.

Here is the kicker!

You get a little more performance BUT you do not get as many MPG out of it! Chicanery? Yep! Like a card shark.

Now they have just reversed course again and will begin offering for sale oil leases on federal land – again.

Hmmmmm ….. again, why? They are not reducing the red tape, cost and the years oil companies would need to start production, they are not allowing pipelines to be finished or started to move the oil cheaply once produced. These new announcements will produce more barriers and hoops for oil companies to jump through.

Most of the more significant areas of land with potentially the most easily and cheaply obtainable oil are not being included in the sales. The increased costs that will come with these leases will not encourage drilling as the oil cannot most likely be produced economically or for years. They are offering 173 parcels of land on 144000 acres which is an 80% reduction from the acreage originally stated. So not a big deal. By the way oil companies have to pay these leases monthly regardless to if they are actually drilling.

U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart said the following on Neil Cavuto’s show the other day after this latest Biden scam was proudly heralded by Biden’s Secretary of the Interior, that the oil crisis will be further compounded by this latest stupidity.

In his words from the Cavuto Show on Fox he said the following,

“I realize that the Secretary of Interior is very much on message with the rest of the Biden administration…which is we all pay 50% more for 80% less…she was very clear that’s what she was going to do for those oil and gas operators who were interested in doing work on federal lands, that we should be prepared to pay about 50% more in royalties and other fees that we already pay. At the same time, we’re only going to have access to about 20% of the current acreage that we have put forward to the secretary as potential oil and gas opportunities for us. It goes to this fundamental question of when we’re in a crisis like this, is this policy, will it do anything to increase production? And the answer is no…actually it will compound the problem. We have a short-term production shortfall right now. The Secretary’s actions that she announced yesterday will push this problem out three, five, seven, 10 years.”

You guys beginning to see it now? The lies. The propaganda? The chicanery?

The MSM will as always attempt to show Biden in a good light, showing how his wiseness and kindness plus his real concern for we, the people is coming out with these latest Team Biden solutions!!





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