While Vets Die Waiting, VA Will Focus on LGBT Rights

Remember the VA waiting list scandals under Obama. They’re back under his veep. Or more accurately they never really left.

Biden decided to appoint Denis McDonough, an Obama aide, to head Veteran Affairs and things are going well.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough acknowledged that he is “frustrated” with inconsistency in how medical appointment wait time data is calculated and recorded within the department’s health care systems, and promised changes on the issue later this year.

During testimony before the House Appropriations Committee this week, McDonough said he is concerned about delivering accurate information on appointment timeliness to veterans as they seek to resume care that was deferred or canceled in recent years.

Yes, the waiting list scandal was never actually fixed. Or much of anything else.

Mike Tonkyn had to go to Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center three times to get his blood drawn.

Charlie Bourg’s cancer diagnosis was delayed several months, and now he needs surgery.

Heather Hill saw several of her patients suffer withdrawals after going weeks without medications to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Others went months without insulin, accidentally got a double-dose of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 or went through withdrawals after going without anti-seizure medication.

More than a year after the Department of Veterans Affairs began testing a new electronic health record system at Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center, veterans who rely on the Spokane hospital and the health care workers who count on the software to do their jobs say flaws in the system continue to threaten patients’ safety, even as VA last week announced plans to roll it out in Walla Walla and other cities early next year.

But don’t worry, the VA is laser-focused on its mission… of identity politics.

The Justice Department wants to help non-English speakers report crimes, and Defense Department is reviewing algorithmic bias in its Artificial Intelligence technology as part of the Biden administration’s broad effort to tackle inequality. Driving the news: More than 90 federal agencies released their Equity Action Plans on Thursday that were ordered by President Biden during his first days in office.

We could have affordable gas or 90 equity plans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs said it will work to improve the social and economic determinants of health for LGBTQI+ veterans.

It’s like Obama never left.



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