U.S. Extradites Former Honduran President for Drug Smuggling While Borders Are Wide Open

As the Biden administration prepares to end Title 42, a measure implemented by the Trump administration to help gain control over the U.S.-Mexico border, the former president of Honduras was extradited to the U.S. on drug trafficking charges.

Here is an excerpt from an NBC News report on the matter:

Juan Orlando Hernández, who was president of Honduras for eight years, was extradited to New York on Thursday to face charges of engineering a massive effort to flood the U.S. with cocaine.

The rare extradition of a former head of state followed Hernández’s arrest in February at his home in Tegucigalpa less than a month after he stepped down from office. The Justice Department accused him of participating in a violent drug trafficking operation that shipped 500 tons of cocaine from Venezuela and Colombia to the U.S. through Honduras.

“We allege that Hernández corrupted legitimate public institutions in the country — including parts of the national police, military and national Congress,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said Thursday. “And we allege that Hernández worked closely with other public officials to protect cocaine shipments bound for the United States. Because of these alleged crimes, communities in the United States suffered, and the people of Honduras suffered.”

The charges say he received millions of dollars for shielding drug traffickers from arrest and for facilitating their shipments.

Hernández, 53, took bribes from some of the world’s most notorious drug traffickers, including $1 million from Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the former head of the Sinaloa cartel, “to protect his operations in Honduras,” said Damian Williams, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, where Hernández will be prosecuted.

It is beyond belief that the Attorney General of the United States would tout the extradition of the former President of Honduras for participating in a massive narcotics smuggling enterprise while the Biden administration simultaneously works to undermine border security and implement policies that result in the release of dangerous criminals onto the streets of communities across the country.

If the radical Biden administration is concerned about narcotics flooding into the U.S. then it should implement measures to secure our borders instead of tearing them down.

Even before being sworn into office as president, Joe Biden made it clear that one of his primary goals would be to virtually dismantle the borders of the U.S.

Upon taking office, Biden immediately ended the construction of the wall which would have helped secure the southern border against the illegal or un-inspected entry of both aliens and commerce into the country.

It is essential to note that contrary to the lies of the globalists and open borders anarchists, the border wall was not intended to prevent the entry of anyone into the U.S. (the wall, after all, did not block ports of entry), but instead to funnel all international traffic to ports of entry so that commerce and people could be vetted and a record of entry created in order to protect national security, public safety, public health, and the jobs and wages of Americans.

I addressed the national security nightmare created by Biden immigration policies — which are in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States, our immigration laws, and the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission — in a recent article entitled, “For the Biden Administration, National Security Is ‘Mission Irrelevant.’”

As a direct consequence, historic numbers of illegal aliens around the world have flooded into the U.S., along with record quantities of narcotics and other contraband, resulting in record numbers drug overdose deaths.

The hypocrisy must end.

The DOJ prosecuting the former Honduran President for his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking enterprise while the administration simultaneously refuses to defend our nation and our citizens is a demonstration of unparalleled chutzpah!

I am certainly happy that the DEA is doing its job. As an INS agent, I spent roughly half of my 30-year career involved in major narcotics investigations. I was the first INS special agent to be assigned to the Unified Intelligence Division of the DEA in NYC. I was subsequently promoted to the position of INS Senior Special Agent and assigned to the Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force.

The administration’s policies are encouraging and facilitating the flood of deadly narcotics and criminals into the United States while enriching the violent and pernicious drug cartels and human traffickers who, thanks to Joe Biden, now have operational control over America’s borders.

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