Jayapal to Democrats Against Lifting Title 42: ‘Lean Into’ Open Borders

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart Reports, radical Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) praised the Biden administration for its plans to lift Title 42 border restrictions and said that Democrats who “criticized the previous administration, but [are] now saying, oh, there’s a problem here” have “to lean into the fact that we are a country that has prided ourselves on allowing immigrants to come from all over the world.”

Jayapal said, “I think it’s important that the Biden administration has moved on this. But I wish they were standing up for it and really defending it through the logic of what we are doing. And I think every Democrat who criticized the previous administration, but is now saying, oh, there’s a problem here, and going to the border and making it seem like there’s a problem here has to lean into the fact that we are a country that has prided ourselves on allowing immigrants to come from all over the world. I am a product of that.”

No one is saying we shouldn’t allow immigrants. The issue Jayapal pretends doesn’t exist is that our border is being overrun. We have literally no immigration controls being enforced now at all. And that is what globalist Jayapal wants.

“And I think we need to make sure that we continue to focus on the need to reform the system and not penalize asylum seekers who are trying to legitimately seek entry into this country,” she added.

Title 42 does not “penalize” legitimate asylum seekers. But lifting those restrictions will throw open the borders to a tsunami of illegitimate migrants. And that is what globalist Jayapal wants.

Pramila Jayapal

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In an August 9, 2015 editorial lamenting the “centuries of racism” that have plagued America, Jayapal wrote: “As a country, we still have not recognized or acknowledged what we have wrought and continue to inflict on black people. The bigger results are how black kids as young as two are being disciplined differently in their daycares and pre-k classes. That black people are routinely denied jobs that white people get with the same set of experiences and skills. That black people … continue to die at the hands of police, in domestic violence, on the streets. That black mothers must tell their children as young as seven or eight that they have to be careful about what pants or hoodies they wear or to not assert their rights if stopped. That this country supports an institutionalized form of racism called the criminal justice system that makes profit … on jailing black and brown people.” She also suggested that as recompense for historical wrongs, the U.S. government should pay “reparations for slavery” to black people.

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