War on Parents: Schools Update

Today I continue my commentary on the War on Parents with reports of outrageous actions by schools across the county.  These are not isolated incidents; reports are pouring in from everywhere about how schools are taking a jackhammer to parental rights. The destruction is starting just as soon as public schools can get their hands on kids.

A teacher – I don’t know where – made a video advocating three-year-olds be taught about gender identity, sexual orientation, and preferred pronouns.

A transgender teacher in Massachusetts told kindergartners and first- and second graders that doctors only guess whether new-born babies are boys or girls and, sometimes, they’re wrong.

The Maryland Department of Education is telling schools to teach alternative LGBT family structures and gender fluidity to preschoolers.

A suburban school official in Kansas City claimed kindergartners are identifying as transgender and should be taught be taught all about it.

Schools in Evanston, Illinois are teaching preschoolers to break the ‘gender binary’ established by ‘white colonizers’, to celebrate the transgender flag, and to experiment with made-up pronouns like ‘ze’ and ‘zir’.

A school district in Washington state is teaching gender fluidity to first-graders.  They are being told, sometimes, gender does not exist and they can have two genders.  They are also being taught transgender pronouns.  The district defended its curriculum by saying it’s required by state law, but it’s not true.

First- and second-graders in New Jersey are being given explicit instruction on private body parts and gender identity.  One of the lessons – ‘Pink, Blue and Purple’ – tells kids they can feel like a boy even if they have girl parts.

I’ve mentioned secret ‘gender transition closets’ in schools before, but now they’re popping up in more places.  Children are being encouraged to change their clothes and their gender identity without their parents’ knowledge in California, Colorado, and elsewhere.  A radical nonprofit advocacy group called ‘The Transition Closet’ in Arkansas is pushing the idea all over the country.

A fifth-grade lesson plan in New Jersey calls for pushing masturbation and puberty blockers on kids.

A school in Missouri handed out a math worksheet that asked questions about Maya Angelou being sexually abused at age 8 and a single mother working as a pimp and prostitute.  Is this math or indoctrination?

Two teachers in California are accused of secretly facilitating the gender transition of a 12-year-old and calling Child Protective Services on the parents when the parents found out about it and objected.

Not telling the parents about their child’s gender identity issues is official school policy in Loudon County, Virginia.

A gay teacher in Florida said she is willing to break the law and keep hiding sexual information about students from their parents even if she loses her job and gets thrown in jail for it.

At a school board meeting – I don’t know where – a dad read graphic descriptions about b-jobs and vagina-tasting straight from high school materials.  Filth is filth, he said, and it has no place in school.  He doesn’t buy the argument, ‘the kids are going to see pornography anyway’ because it would be unthinkable to sell beer and marijuana in the school cafeteria just because kids are able to obtain intoxicants outside of school.

There’s more, but this is enough to show you the extent of the problem.  I’ll get into LGBTQ indoctrination coming from other directions and what this all means later this week.

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