Democrats Brains Are Exploding!

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.” – Napoleon Hill.

Roe vs. Wade may be on its last legs! Rightfully so. It was bad legislation and it should never have been a Federal Law but one that each State should decide. That power belongs at the state level.

Human beings do not have a natural right to slaughter their babies at will. Especially to the degree that the left has taken it where abortion right up to birth is legal. How do doctors who take an oath to protect life justify this murder other than through their bank balances. How do they sleep? How could their family like what they do unless they are as empty morally and ethically as the abortionist? They do the work of Satan.

The leaked draft majority opinion by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito appears in itself to not be a crime. However, if that opinion was taken illegally from a computer say by hacking or was physically stolen using nefarious means, those would be federal crimes and the FBI should investigate. However, I do not trust the FBI to do a fair and impartial investigation. What a shame that the FBI has sunk to such lows that the leadership ensures they bang the leftist drum.

I believe this document was deliberately leaked to bring pressure on SCOTUS to review and maybe switch their decision to one more favorable to the lunatic fringe on the left. They expect riots and mayhem and wide destruction and hope that will intimidate the SCOTUS to change their decision. In over 200 years this has never happened. The DemonRats have politicized this and other subjects and will stoop as low as they need to achieve their evil ends, aims and ambitions.

Also interesting is the timing of this leak. 2000 mules, the new movie on the stolen election of 2020 by the Democrats and produced by documentary film maker Dinesh D’Souza has just been released so the possibility of that becoming a topic of conversation has been diminished. The MSM will ensure that and even Faux News has fallen into that trap.

Democrats nation wide have come out swinging. From Sniffer Joe all the way down to that old feeble gay fool and chameleon Charlie Crist are baying like hunting dogs for action to be taken to stop Roe vs. Wade being removed.

After all, none of these idiots were ever aborted but are all so very pro. Nothing like a proficient vacuum sucking the very lives out of their mothers wombs, destroying the bodies and causing pain to the babies.

Things are going badly for these leftist idiots. What with Twitter being bought by Elon Musk, a former libtard favorite child, and the expectations that evil, patriotic Americans may actually be able to espouse an opinion different to the left is unthinkable. After all, social media had controlled that for years, banning conservative thoughts, words etc. After all, we are just domestic terrorists threats to a One World Nation!! Deplorable’s!!!Plus we believe in God, morals, ethics, working for a living, sanctity of life and worst of all – the America and the Constitution! Heck, we proved it by wanting to Make America Great!!Again and again!!!

So now all these real domestic enemies, the real domestic terrorists, the real threat to our national security, the type that have real thoughts to destroy our beloved nation, see that possibly the right to abortion could become a state issue – where it rightly belongs – and there is a real possibility that as a huge majority of states will be Red after November, the chances that abortions will be freely available to anyone who for example maybe uses it as contraception, is getting remote. The chances of a Republican run state government allowing late term abortions is zero. There will be no real space in those states for the murder machine of the left, Planned Parenthood.

So they are distraught. After all, Planned Parenthood was developed to remove all blacks and other minorities considered inferior by Democrats at the time. All that work and it may be destroyed.

Democrats are calling for a federal law to be written as quickly as possible, ensuring abortion is available for all and everywhere. They are talking about ending the filibuster ensuring they only need 51 votes instead of 60 so the 50 seats they hold plus the laughing hyena VP Dumbo Harris’s vote, would ensure its victory.

That will come back to bite them in a future GOP controlled House.

Packing the SCOTUS with libtard, political whores, is also back in conversation. Judicial puppets to political masters, each one breaking their oaths as easily as you would squash a bug. Each getting richer and each being promised a life of plenty. Sickening.

Both measures will not be popular with the greater population of voters. Real ones – not dead ones!!

I personally think that the clerk or whoever that leaked this document committed treason. I believe that their action was 100 times worse than any lies the DemonRats tell about January 6th. I think that person is a total lowlife commie who cares nothing for the rule of law, our system of governance or our history. Trust me, in any other country they would suffer a fate worse than you can imagine.

Even that girly boy Hussein Obama is getting in on the act. He/she/it is calling for Americans to join with the pro choice activists and act!


You mean like BLM and ANTIFA acted out and still are, rioting, murdering, looting and burning down cities, knocking down monuments, destroying wide swathes of American cities? Is that what that miserable, racist, anti American traitor Obama wants to have happen?

I believe so. Hussein Obama wants to fundamentally change the country into his ideal communist nation where government runs all citizens lives from cradle to grave and inbreeds like him (?) are in charge, incredibly rich and privileged.

As my Dad used to say, “The only true communist is one who can afford to be one.” Prophetic words and so wise and correct.


©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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