EXPOSED: The ‘poster girl for the Marxist Revolution’

Frank Gaffney of Centre for Security Policy, points out last night’s Tucker Carlson did a fine job of exposing the poster girl for the communist revolution all but complete in the US today. Here is what the former undersecretary of Defence under Ronald Wilson Reagan had to say at the 30:00 minute mark:

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Nina Jankowicz has been plucked from obscurity to be the famous person she yearned in song to become. In her new role as arbiter of what is unacceptable “mis- and disinformation,” she has become the poster girl of the now-intensifying Marxist Revolution in America.

Tucker Carlson observed last night that Ms. Jankowicz’s past antics – notably, her sometimes salacious and deeply partisan renderings of popular music, her screeds inveighing against ideological opponents and, yes, her own actual and absurd disinformation – obscure, like Joe Biden’s affable senility, serious “Stalinist” tendencies.

What can possibly go wrong with having such a person given free rein in a law enforcement capacity to go after political opponents – even school board-criticizing moms now officially called potential “domestic terrorists” – simply because she deems their exercise of First Amendment rights to be impermissible?

The short answer is “plenty.”


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